Don’t Care

O woe is Minneapolis:

If you want to know what the real-time self-destruction of a city looks like, Minneapolis offers the perfect model. This is no Detroit-esque collapse prompted by the degeneration of an industry-dependent metropolis. This is the willful push down the path of ruin of a city burgeoning with opportunity and rife with promises of the American Dream. It is suicide.

Instead of looking to successful policies used to counter that crime wave—increasing the number and presence of law enforcement officers for several months—the Minneapolis City Council wants to do the exact opposite.

For a far-left Minneapolis City Council at war with its police force and local citizens yet maintaining control due to leftist activism and special interests, the answer may be in the blind devotion to the radical belief of constantly burning and building into the unattainable utopia they so hubristically believe they can create.

Let the whole place lie in deserted ruins after riots, mayhem and fires have destroyed it;  they voted for it, they supported it, and now they’re going to get it — in Mencken terms — good and hard.

So much for “Minnesota nice”;  “Minnesota idiocy” would be more appropriate.  They don’t deserve our sympathy, our support or our best wishes, especially when you see this, and  bullshit like this happens.  I’d say “Fuck ’em”, but they’ve fucked themselves already.

Not Responsible

Courtesy of Britain’s ever-reliable Sun  newspaper, I see the following little activity has made the news:

A MILLIONAIRE businessman who attended Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle has been charged with sex offences.

Did he prowl the streets at night, grabbing women and violently raping them in alleyways?

The dad-of-four was allegedly inappropriately physical with employees — often young women working as PAs or receptionists.

Oh, that.  Well, let’s leave it to the courts to see if any of this eeevil “#MeToo” stuff actually happened, because I’m more interested in the fact that interest in this case was sparked by his attendance at Ginge and Whinge’s wedding.

Now as little time as I have for the Sussexes, I don’t think they can be held responsible for what their wedding “guests” get up to — and I emphasize the word because I have no doubt that neither the bride nor the groom actually invited Mr. Badfinger to the wedding;  rather, he was invited by their respective social secretaries / courtiers because he was a successful businessman.  In other words, the New Californians had nothing to do with his behavior afterwards.

I can sympathize with them, actually, because I know for a fact that after one of my weddings (shuddup), at least four (and maybe more) of my invited guests engaged in a little group sex at someone’s house after the reception.   And I personally invited all of them, but I certainly cannot be held responsible for their post-festivity fun ‘n games, can I?

I blame the “open bar” for all of it, myself.  I don’t know whether the accused (above) can use the same defense.

Of Course They Will

Here we go:

More than 300 District of Columbia National Guardsmen will be in Washington this week to help support police officers patrolling protests scheduled by supporters of President Donald Trump this week.

“We have received confirmation that the D.C. National Guard will be assisting the Metropolitan Police Department, beginning tomorrow through the life cycle of this event,” Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee III told reporters at a press conference on Jan. 4.

National Guard personnel will be assisting police officers from Jan. 5 to 7 with crowd management and traffic control, freeing officers “to focus on anyone who’s intent on instigating, agitating, or participating in violence in our city,” he added.

Mayor Muriel Bowser, a Democrat, revealed she’d requested National Guard help in a Dec. 31 letter to District of Columbia National Guard Commanding General William Walker.

Bowser said guardsmen wouldn’t be armed and wouldn’t be involved in domestic surveillance, searches, or seizures of Americans.

Damn right they won’t be.  That would be un-Constitutional, not that the godless Socialists ever cared much about that.

As long as Mayor Trotsky keeps the Guard hanging around the inevitable crowd of Commie agitators (that would be the BLM / Pantifa ilk), there shouldn’t be any violence.  I’m not holding my breath.

I just wish I could be there.  I do plan on watching it on TV while I sharpen my M4 bayonet, whispering, “Soon, soon, my Precioussss…”

Technically Speaking


The Whore Of The Bronx may have a point, for once:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Tuesday declared that “sex work is work”

We need to examine her statement a little.  Let’s postulate that “work” is something you do that you’d rather not do with strangers, for money.

Which sounds like every job I’ve ever had in my entire life.

Quote Of The Day

I have an uneven response to Taki writer David Cole’s articles:  sometimes I want to punch him in the face, and others he makes me howl with laughter.  This is one of the latter occasions, to whit:

I’m not a man who speaks in absolutes, but here’s one I’ll stand by: If a bus full of black people enters an upscale area and nobody on board is wearing a [sports] jersey, it’s bad news.

His description of a bunch of BLM mopes encountering resistance in the form of Persian Jews is equally funny:

Blacks have gotten far too used to dealing with Woody Allen Jews—weakling, neurotic nebbishes of European descent, people who are either Marxist or have Marxists in their family tree.
Persian Jews are cut from a different cloth entirely. It’s a healthy and virile community that categorically rejects racial guilting and socialist wealth redistribution. So the protesters were met by a bunch of Persian Jewish neighbors who stood against them with zero fear.

“Woody Allen Jews”… [exit, laughing]

Read the whole thing.


“If only the criminal had obeyed our laws, none of this would have happened!”

As statements go, this has to rank as the most pathetic — for reasons obvious to all except, it appears, to asswipes like this one:

“Guns have no place in shopping malls or other places in which crowds of people gather. Mayfair has a strict no-gun policy,” Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis R. McBride declared Saturday in a statement about Friday’s Mayfair Mall shootings when eight people were injured. “If the shooter had complied with that policy, no one would have been hurt yesterday.”

Do these whiny little farts even know how ridiculous they sound?