Dept. Of Righteous Beatings

Oh yeah, baby.  When seconds count and the police are minutes away, you gotta get busy:

A 54-year-old Philadelphia man allegedly stole a car outside of a pizzeria with three small children inside. Shocked bystanders caught the alleged thief and potential kidnapper, and that’s when the crowd delivered “street justice.”

Police told The Philadelphia Inquirer that Hood stole the Hyundai, prompting the couple to take off running behind it. Crowded roads allowed mom and dad to chase down the car and yank Hood from the driver’s seat. Officers said a “large crowd” stopped the man and then beat him after he physically assaulted the father. “We’re being told that other males in the area helped the boyfriend with this physical altercation and a physical struggle ensued.
Hood managed to break free from the father and fled across 29th Street. It was at this time that a crowd of individuals stopped Mr. Hood and forced him to the ground,” Philadelphia Police Homicide Captain Jason Smith said. “The crowd kicked and punched Mr. Hood until the arrival of responding police. At some point Mr. Hood became unresponsive.
Emergency responders were called to the scene where Hood had been beaten. “They left Hood unconscious and suffering from injuries that later proved to be fatal. Paramedics rushed him to Temple University Hospital, but it was too late to save his life,” KKTV reported.

And of course:

It was later found that Eric Hood had many run-ins with law enforcement. “Hood had a lengthy arrest record with 24 arrests.”


Now Is The Time

I have a (very) Longtime Reader whom I’ll call Mary, with whom I’ve had multiple friendly communications over the years.  Indeed, when there was that gun shortage last year, I helped her get her grandson his first .22 rifle for Christmas.

What follows is a tale of outrage.

A long time ago, Mary married a man I’ll just call Evil Bastard, had kids with him and later divorced.  He ended up buying a house in Texas, and when he was diagnosed with cancer, his (and Mary’s) daughter Kristine and her family looked after him, moving into his house, helping with the household expenses and even filing as HOH in their tax returns.  They did this for a number of years, during which time their own kids grew up in Evil Bastard’s house.

Evil Bastard responded by allegedly sexually molesting Kristine’s daughter (Mary’s granddaughter) over a period of years, until age 13.  When Kristie and her husband discovered this, they called the cops on Evil Bastard;  the cops found the allegation plausible, and Evil Bastard was charged in court.

Here’s where it gets even worse.

Upon bonding out of court, Evil Bastard filed suit to have his daughter’s family evicted from his house.

So they’re appealing that filing — it is, after all, as much the family’s home as it is his — but they need help with legal costs.

The hearing takes place next Wednesday June 29th.

Please, please help this family out by going to their GoFundMe page and donating.  This is not a stranger’s family;  this is the family of one of this website’s Loyal Readers needing help, and I hope that we can rally around.  I’ve met Kris, and she’s one of the world’s decent people.  She does NOT deserve what’s happened to her, and of course her daughter doubly so.

As for Evil Bastard… well, the less said, the better.

I know that times are tough, and money’s tight.  If you can, spread the news outside this website to friends and family, your own private mailing lists and so on, so as many people can help as possible, spreading the load, so to speak.


Remember the old (not so funny) joke:  “If guns are banned, can we use swords?”

Seems as though the Kiwi criminals and sickos, like their Brit compatriots, have taken this to heart:

Four people have allegedly been stabbed after a knife-wielding man went on a rampage on the beach in New Zealand.
The rampage is believed to have come to an end after a local construction worker hit the alleged stabber with a walking crutch.

My takeaway from this is that had I been the construction worker, I’d probably have beaten the scumbag to death, thereby becoming the bad guy.

Here’s a graphic account:

One woman had headed down to the beach to take her dog for a walk when she was confronted by the man and his ‘big knife’. She said the man had started walking towards her but then broke out into a run.
‘And – fight or flight – I turned away and ran the other way and I looked back and he had a big knife, running at me,’ the woman told the NZ Herald. ‘I was screaming, calling out for help because he was chasing me with this big knife.’
The woman managed to get away from the man unharmed, and immediately called police.

The police arrived far too late to do anything of value, of course, because by the time they got there Our Hero had stopped the attacks.

It would have been far easier for the woman above just to pop a couple of .45 bullets into the goblin’s chest, of course, but the Kiwis aren’t allowed to do that. It seems that for the New Zealanders and their elected politicians, the alternative — helpless victims slaughtered — is preferable.

Not Surprising

Ho, here’s something different:

Hill was working as an employee of a local nuclear power plant when he won a $10 million prize from an Ultimate Millions scratch-off ticket at a convenience store near Wilmington in 2017. According to a WECT report from the time, Hill bought a scratch-off that did not win, then, on a whim, bought a second ticket, which was the winner. After state and federal tax withholdings, he took home a lump sum of just over $4.1 million.

And then in 2021?

A North Carolina man who won $10 million on a lottery ticket was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

And now we play “Guess The Perp’s Race”, for the umpteenth time.

That easy, was it?

Three Shootings, Three Differences

Let’s look at the recent past:

Deranged White kid shoots up a predominantly Black-patronized supermarket in Buffalo, NY — motive:  who knows, the kid’s a fucking psycho, everyone seems to have known this, although that didn’t stop him from buying a gun legally in New York, the state with allegedly the toughest gun-purchasing requirements and safeguards in the U.S.  Of course, being as he’s White, it’s all the result of Evil White Supremacy (EWS Tucker Carlson genus).

Deranged Hispanic kid shoots up a primary school in Uvalde, TX (a predominantly Hispanic town) — motive: who knows, the kid’s a fucking psycho, everyone seems to have known this, although that didn’t stop him from buying a gun legally.  Kid’s Hispanic, so we can’t pin this on EWS, so we’ll go with the “assault rifle” bullshit.

Deranged Black guy (36) shoots up a Korean hairdressing salon in Koreatown, Dallas — motive:  this time, we know the guy’s a psycho because he has delusions that the Dallas Korean mafia (?) is out to get him.  The shooter’s car has been linked to two previous drive-by shootings in Koreatown.

Waddya mean, you never heard of the third episode?  Here ya go.  I leave it to my Readers to wonder why it never got any national/international press coverage, as the first two did.  Actually, I won’t.  The asshole is Black, hence the sound of crickets.

And for those who missed it, here’s the media guide: