Splendid Isolation


From Reader Mike L. comes this little tale from (where else?) Floriduh:

Police responded to a home in reference to a shooting Thursday morning.  When officers arrived, they found a man with a gunshot wound. He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Investigators determined that the suspect, Patricia Whitehead, and the victim shared a residence.  She became angry with the man, saying he “did not clean up after himself,” police said.

Authorities said the victim was leaving the home when Whitehead heard him slam the door. She then went and grabbed her gun from her bedroom, left out of the door, and shot the man multiple times, according to police.

I guess that was just one slam too many.

I’m not taking this loony old tart’s side, but I bet there’s more to this story than is being reported.

Or she’s just a loony old tart.

Mugged While Working

Go to California on business, get robbed:

A member of the Secret Service was robbed at gunpoint during President Joe Biden‘s visit to California over the weekend, according to authorities.

Police in Tustin said in a press release that officers responded to the call of a possible robbery at around 9:36 p.m. PT on Saturday in a local residential community.

Officers found a member of the Secret Service whose bag was stolen at gunpoint, Tustin police said, adding that an “officer (agent) involved shooting occurred” during the incident.

Tustin police said it was unclear whether any suspect was injured as a result of the shooting, but officers did locate some of the victim’s belongings in the area.

I would really like to know if the SecServ flunky actually shot the scrote.  Also, the report doesn’t say if it was a male or female agent;  and I would really, really like to know that little snippet.

Just, you know, for the record.

Working Well, Then?

Here’s yet another abject failure of Nanny Government and gun control:

One gun is being seized in London every day as gangs fuel a ‘vicious cycle’ of drugs-related violence, a Met commander warned today – as footage emerged showing officers finding a loaded weapon in a child’s drawer. 

Cdr Paul Brogden said more than half of shootings in the capital are related to drugs gangs or organised crime, with firearms being used to take out rivals or threaten people who owe money.

This is clearly fake news, of course, as the BritGov banned private ownership of handguns many years ago;  so this is doubleplusunpossible.

But we all knew it was a waste of time — well, by “all” I mean sentient people (of any nation) whose collective head was not stuck up its ass.

…Then We’ll Ban These, Too

Fresh on the heels of the outrage above, we have this horror:

A group of yobs allegedly tortured and killed a duck with a catapult in the latest incident in a disturbing spate of attacks.
Concerned locals saw the youngsters – believed to be aged between 11 and 15 — firing off at a duck before kicking it and throwing it against a wall.

With the inevitable response (because Britishland):

Disgusted locals are now calling for a ban on the catapults after a spate of incidents targeting animals across the county.

There’s a better idea — catch the amoral little scrotes and give them a vicious public flogging in the town square (pour encourager les autres, so to speak) — but no doubt some people will have a problem with this solution because Krool & Hartless.

The unfortunate duck was unavailable for comment.

Another Lone Asshole

From a while back, this bitter meme:

“If Guns Are Outlawed, Can We Use Swords?”

…and of course, privately-owned guns being banned in formerly-Great Britain, some scrote did exactly that.

Sadly, he was only Tasered and arrested as opposed to being summarily shot by the Britcops:

…they being the only  ones allowed to have guns, begging the question:  “What’s the point of giving the cops guns when they’re not going to use them appropriately?”

Oh, wait:  the rozzers who showed up didn’t have guns, nor even the proper gear to deal with said asshole.

Next up:  a sword ban, followed by large kitchen knives, followed by any pointy- or bladed objects, then cricket/baseball bats… and following the thing to its logical absurdity, a ban on clenching a hand into a fist.

You saw it here first.