Splendid Isolation

Gun? What Gun?

From his lair deep in the Soviet Republic of Taxachusetts, Reader Mike L. sends me this report:

Christina Sumner of Roanoke said she was shocked and concerned there was a loaded gun left in her rental car.
Sumner rented a car from Enterprise in Roanoke on Feb. 2, and everything seemed normal at first. Then Enterprise called her a day later, telling her there may be a gun in her car.

Well now, this is an interesting situation.  Note the qualifier “may be” in the last sentence;   in other words, Enterprise didn’t actually know there was a gun in the car — or perhaps they did, but wanted to cover their corporate asses.

However, this poses an interesting situation.  What if you’d already found the gun in the car, but told Enterprise that there had to be some mistake:  you could find no gun nor indeed any evidence of a gun in the car? 

Of course, I would be deeply conflicted.  On the one hand:  a “free” gun.  On the other hand, it was just some Europellet delivery vehicle, and therefore of little interest to me, so I wouldn’t mind handing it over.  Also, it being a 9mm means that the erstwhile owner may have been a state or federal official — especially if it was a Glock — and given the latter’s reputation of losing guns, or leaving them in public toilets etc., it wouldn’t surprise me at all that this might be the case.  That might certainly influence any decision between “Oh yeah, here it is, come and collect it”, or “What gun? / Finders keepers, numbnuts”.

But it’s a damn good thing the “missing” gun wasn’t a Les Baer or Kimber 1911 .45ACP…

Talk about temptation.

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Leaker Buried

Via indefatigable contributor and Reader Michael L. comes this welcome news:

The former Internal Revenue Service contractor who leaked the tax records of former President Donald Trump to The New York Times as well as the tax records of billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk to ProPublica was sentenced Monday to five years in prison.

Somewhat harsh for this evil little weasel, you say?  I don’ theenk so, Speedy:

Prosecutors said that Littlejohn “weaponized his access to unmasked taxpayer data to further his own personal, political agenda, believing that he was above the law.”

The only way I’d feel better about this would be if the sentence contained the phrase “weekly whippings while incarcerated”, but no doubt someone’s going to have a problem with this.

And I’m not especially pissed off at whose data was leaked;  I’d feel equally angry if it was my data (not that it’s in any way as momentous as the tax data of the above Ryche Pharttes).

By the way, I’m getting really sick of the word “weaponized”, as in this case where “abused” would have served equally well or better.  It’s a betrayal of trust, not trying to take a life, FFS.

Another Brick In The Wall?

This is interesting:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill making Texas the first state in the union to give law enforcement officers the authority to arrest migrants who illegally enter the state.

I hope we have enough prison space, is all.

Or perhaps we could concentrate all these lawbreakers in, I dunno, camps of some sort?

Just thinking aloud here, Boss.

The “interesting” part is how the FedGov will react to this.

What Was The Middle Bit, Again?

Several people sent me reports on a stolen car being re-stolen while the first set of thieves was preparing to rob a business… I think I got that right.

That’s all funny and such, but this isn’t:

The suspects in custody are teenagers aged 14 and 15, according to a spokesperson for the department. Police retrieved a shotgun and a handgun from them, both of which were loaded.

14 and 15 years old?

WTF happened to baseball trading cards, smuggled Playboy magazines, fishing in some farmer’s river without permission, riding their bicycles at breakneck speed through the neighborhood, trying to peek up girls’ skirts, sneaking into a movie house without paying, and all the other naughty stuff boys of that age used to do?

They’ve gone from infancy to adulthood* without bothering with adolescence, FFS.

Anyway, the only charges they’ll likely face is car theft and underage weapons carry because it doesn’t seem that they ever got round to robbing the store.

Ordinarily, I’d say just give them a good spanking and send them home to Momma, but these little shits would probably end up firebombing the judge’s house in revenge.

I dunno.  Back in the eighteenth century a kid (of any age) would get hanged for stealing a sheep or a horse, but even I think that’s a little harsh.

Unless the eighteenth-century kid was carrying a knife and stabbed the shepherd to death first — in which case I’d be the one applauding while the feral little shit was dancing his mid-air jig.

And that’s kind of how I feel about this modern scenario.  If kids are seemingly prepared to dish out death to get what they want — and yes, the guns were loaded — it seems quite fitting for society to nip these little murderers’ careers in the bud, with extreme prejudice.

No doubt someone is going to have a problem with this argument.

Adolescence:  the period between infancy and adultery.