Quote Of The Day

I have an uneven response to Taki writer David Cole’s articles:  sometimes I want to punch him in the face, and others he makes me howl with laughter.  This is one of the latter occasions, to whit:

I’m not a man who speaks in absolutes, but here’s one I’ll stand by: If a bus full of black people enters an upscale area and nobody on board is wearing a [sports] jersey, it’s bad news.

His description of a bunch of BLM mopes encountering resistance in the form of Persian Jews is equally funny:

Blacks have gotten far too used to dealing with Woody Allen Jews—weakling, neurotic nebbishes of European descent, people who are either Marxist or have Marxists in their family tree.
Persian Jews are cut from a different cloth entirely. It’s a healthy and virile community that categorically rejects racial guilting and socialist wealth redistribution. So the protesters were met by a bunch of Persian Jewish neighbors who stood against them with zero fear.

“Woody Allen Jews”… [exit, laughing]

Read the whole thing.


“If only the criminal had obeyed our laws, none of this would have happened!”

As statements go, this has to rank as the most pathetic — for reasons obvious to all except, it appears, to asswipes like this one:

“Guns have no place in shopping malls or other places in which crowds of people gather. Mayfair has a strict no-gun policy,” Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis R. McBride declared Saturday in a statement about Friday’s Mayfair Mall shootings when eight people were injured. “If the shooter had complied with that policy, no one would have been hurt yesterday.”

Do these whiny little farts even know how ridiculous they sound?

Making Celebrities Out Of Scum

Here’s (yet another) reason why I believe in the death penalty:

I always have arguments about this issue with people (e.g. Reader Quentin) who state that the problem with the death penalty is that occasionally (actually, hardly ever) the wrong people are executed for a crime they didn’t commit.


On the other hand, you have situations like the above Yorkshire Ripper’s imprisonment, which basically turned into some kind of grotesque holiday camp which, I think we all agree, is appalling for everyone except the fucking murdering bastard.

So can I make a wee suggestion, here?  If we aren’t going to execute assholes like this (and I still support that), can we at least make sure that their lives behind bars are a living hell?  I’m thinking of solitary confinement as practiced in Pelican Bay:  no visitors, no entertainment like TV, one hour’s exercise per day (also in isolation), the most basic of diets (water, bread, maybe some fruit).

In other words, there has to be a great deal of punishment involved for someone found guilty of killing over a dozen people, rather than turning him into some kind of folk hero and celebrity.  And I find it appalling that the State has to spend a great deal of money just to keep some unworthy scumbag alive.  If the government is going to throw money around like that, then fuck it:  calculate how much money it will take to keep him alive, shoot him in the back of the neck, and give that money to the victims’ families.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s much better than the above travesty.


Here we go:

Well I can explain it.  Once the count is over, the state closes the process and certifies the count, and no new ballots can be added post facto.  Stopping the count allows for fresh bundles of ballots to be “found” so that they can be added when the count is restarted.  As long as the ballots are dated prior to Election Day, everything is fine.  Hence:



Simple, when you know how.

Just so we’re all clear in the concept:  VOTER FRAUD IS A FEDERAL CRIME.  Which means that the F.B.I. will be called in to investigate.

You can all start laughing bitterly now.

As If We Didn’t Know

…that the Clinton Crime Family wasn’t always up to its ears in corruption and criminal activity.  From someone who was there:

Birkenfeld, who years ago made a series of disclosures about American clients of UBS Group AG who evaded hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes in the United States thanks to Swiss bank secrecy arrangements, told The Epoch Times’ Joshua Philipp in an interview that members of the Obama administration cut a deal with UBS that led to the bank paying a settlement of $780 million and only having to divulge the names of around 4,700 out of some 19,000 tax evaders.
He claimed that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was “criminally complicit” for her actions in brokering an agreement between Swiss authorities and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the case against UBS, which led to a deferred prosecution agreement on charges of criminal fraud.
“Not only was Hillary Clinton criminally complicit, she… why would the Secretary of State be involved in an international criminal investigation? That’s your first question. The second question is, when there were 19,000 accounts that I handed over to the government, why did Hillary Clinton only settle for 4,700 accounts? That’s a 75 percent failure rate,” Birkenfeld said.

I have no idea what’s involved with all this, but I would put some serious money on a number of wealthy Clinton and Obama supporters (and the Clintons themselves) being among the tax evaders who escaped justice.  It is precisely this kind of thing that they specialized in, whether when Billy-boy was POTUS or when their surrogate Comrade Urkel was running the show or when, as above, Her Filthiness was SecState [some overlap].