You Don’t Say Pt. 2

Following on yesterday’s news from Denmark comes this new bombshell from Germany:

When it comes to crimes against life, 54 percent of cases of murder were committed by foreigners, while they were responsible for 64.8 percent of cases involving manslaughter.

Foreigners were also vastly overrepresented in robbery cases, including 65.5 percent of robberies, 75.6 percent of aggravated robbery, 93 percent of car thefts, 87.5 percent of handbag thefts, 93 percent of pickpocketing cases, 87.5 of violent burglaries, 80 percent of daytime burglaries, and 72.9 percent of street thefts.

Foreigners also committed 75 percent of money counterfeiting crimes, and 62.5 percent of sexual blackmail cases.

Foreigners were additionally responsible for 83.3 percent of human trafficking cases and the same amount of forced prostitution cases.

When it comes to serious sexual crimes, foreigners are also vastly overrepresented, with the data showing they were also responsible for 64.1 percent of all rape cases. In one of the most extreme data points from the new statistics, foreigners were responsible for 100 percent of serious sexual assault cases.

“But the Western whores were just asking for it”, the cultural relativists will wail.  “No wonder the pore Muslim- and African lads were led astray.”

Hang ’em all.  Yeah, the apologists as well as the rapists and murderers.


  1. Well, there’s a solution for all this crime and everybody knows what it is. But how many are willing to do that solution?

    Crimes as described happen at an individual level and that is where they must be solved.

  2. If you look at the countries where these invaders come from, you’ll see that where there is some minimal law and order, they have very severe and very PUBLIC punishment for criminals. The mindset for many of these low intelligence invaders is that slight punishment, often quite delayed, sometimes merely theoretical, is not any kind of deterrent. However, seeing your buddy very publicly bound up, put into position, and then having his hand hacked off with a giant scimitar with screams of pain and blood gushing out is a very real reminder not to steal. Seeing a man stoned to death, or having his head hacked off, is necessary to put it into those people’s head that certain things are wrong.

    Unfortunately most western men no longer have what it takes to do that anymore.

  3. we don’t need to import criminals into the United States. We already have our own feral humans who populate jails.

    Prison is supposed to do two things to the criminal, punish them and rehabilitate them. For decades we have tried to rehabilitate criminals and have had minimal success. The emphasis needs to be placed on punishment. Make prison so miserable that no one wants to go back there.

    1. I once heard Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson (hack…spit) say something along the lines of “Prison is better for Black kids than what they have in society. My reaction was “Put me in charge of the prisons and that will change”.

  4. I say hang the apologists first. That way, we don’t have to their caterwauling when the hanging of the miscreants begins.

  5. I hope Germany and Denmark and the US follow the suit of Japan and I think Poland. I’m pretty sure Japan and Poland don’t take in refugees from these third world shit holes

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