Whose Country?

Eh, anyone could have seen this one coming:

The United Kingdom showcased its submission to mass immigration on Tuesday by flying the Pakistani flag above its most important Anglican church.

Footage shared across the X platform showed the flag of Pakistan flying above Westminster Abbey.

According to the Pakistan High Commission, the flag was hoisted to celebrate Pakistan Day, a national holiday commemorating the adoption of the first Constitution of Pakistan.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with flying a Muslim flag over a Christian cathedral… during Holy Week, the most important event on the Christian calendar.

FFS, I’m an atheist and even I’m offended by this blatant example of ummah.


  1. I’m not saying it’s not a bit odd (too many negatives??), but it’s not unexpected.

    As the Abbey’s website says

    A National Flag is flown on the day when the High Commission of a Commonwealth member state is represented at Evensong.

    There was a service to commemorate Pakistan’s National day, he was there, the flag was flown.

  2. I’d say very few Christians today understand that we’ve always been at war against the religions of the world and their false gods. Sometimes just a spiritual war, sometimes a blood-letting war with swords, spears, muskets, and machineguns. We do not exist to coexist, as that stupid bumper sticker suggests.

    Of course, looking at the state of organized religion today, I’d suggest that all religious leadership is composed of pansies, commies, and other such ilk who have absolutely no understanding of the religion they purportedly lead. I’ve about had it with all of them.

  3. Fits right in with mullahs preaching in the British parliament (yes, that happened recently).

  4. Several generations of my family were in the Religion Business, primary, it appeared, out of guilt from all the money made during the industrial revolution by previous generations. Not so much any more as the churches have all been taken over by third world “True Believers” ( or at least that what they claim ).

  5. And people look at you strangely when you remark that “There will not always be an England!”
    ….and this is why. England (United Kingdom) will die by suicide.

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