Not This Shit Again

They never give up on the idiocy, do they?

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) used a Monday post on X to call for a buyback of AR-15s and firearms that Democrats refer to as “assault weapons.”

He also wants a ban in place to keep future AR-15s from being manufactured or sold.

Swalwell posted:
Ban assault weapons. Buy them ALL back. Choose our kids over their killers.
— Rep. Eric Swalwell (@RepSwalwell) August 28, 2023

I find the “Choose our kids over their killers” line especially ironic, coming from a politician whose party supports an “abortion-right-up-to-birth” policy.

He should stick to shagging ChiCom honeytraps.

Loathsome little turd.

Not that I actually own either of the above, of course;  it’s just a point of principle.

Zone Of Silence

Back in 1985 when Longtime Buddy Trevor and I were flying from Johannesburg to the U.S. on our first trip together, I recall that as we took our seats (center two seats in the 6-across row), I looked around and saw that we were literally surrounded by families with babies — I mean, two babies in the row in front, three in the row behind, and two on each side.

The flight from JNB – JFK used to take about 17 hours, with a refueling stop in the Canary Islands en route.  I could see that a lengthy period of pain was shortly about to begin, so I called a flight attendant over, and very quietly asked if she could find another family with babies elsewhere on the plane, and see if we could swap seats with them.  She cast a glance around our seats, and a look of total sympathy came over her face.  “Give me a couple of minutes”, she said, and headed off.

She was true to her word.  “I found a couple with a baby who’ll swap — but they’re quite far back.  Would that be okay with you two?”

She hadn’t even finished the sentence when Trevor and I were standing up, bags at ready.  We even helped the couple with their baby stuff to our seats.

Nowadays, of course, airlines have made such an action almost impossible, what with fees and the deliberate splitting up of couples and families so that they can inflict “change fees” on us all, the bastards.

So I see this action as a step in the right direction:

The Turkish-Dutch airline Corendon Airlines is testing an “Only Adult” zone on flights between Amsterdam and Curaçao starting in November, according to a press release.

This area will be located at the front of the Airbus A350-900 aircraft and consists of nine XL seats with additional legroom and 93 standard seats.

I have no problem with people traveling with infants — hell, if they want to inflict that on themselves, then all power to ’em — and indeed, this is especially true when said families are bringing over Beloved Grandchildren to see Nana and Oupa.  Not that I’m biased, or anything.

But let’s be honest:  babies are noisy (not to say noisome) little beasts, and I can certainly sympathize with those who don’t want to endure a long-haul flight with their ears assaulted by wails which can easily drown out the sound of the jet engines.

And if it were that much of a problem for me (it isn’t really), I have no issue with an airline offering me an option to buy a little peace and quiet.

Afterthought:  I was amazed that “Amsterdam – Curaçao” even existed as a fight option, but a cursory glance showed that Curaçao is one of the several connecting points from Europe to the West Indies, most notably to Aruba (still a Dutch colony).

…not that I’m suggesting anything, of course.

Alternative Outcomes

This one made me think:

A dog owner was allegedly murdered in his own home by thieves who were targeting his beloved pet labradoodle. Police found the body of Donald Patience shortly after they were called to reports of Layla being dognapped.

All this took place in Britishland, where one is forbidden to defend one’s life and/or property.

I can’t help thinking what the reaction would be had this happened in, say, Dallas, where at least one of the home invaders could well have ended up being terminally perforated by a .45 hollowpoint bullet.

Of course, that would result in the usual handwringing sobs of “a dog’s life is not worth a human life”.  According to these asshole thieves, though, it actually is worth more than a human life.

It’s just too bad it was the owner’s, and not the robber’s.

Gratuitous Gun Pic: S&W 627-5 Performance Center (.357 Mag)

This one caught my eye at Collectors:

I know, I know:  the constant gripe about Smith’s Performance Center (or “Profit Center”, as it’s sometimes called) is that they take a gun and turn it into what the gun should have been at the outset, for about a grand’s difference.

I don’t think that’s fair, because while a standard Smith 627 is not exactly a slouch in the Gun Beauty Division:

…there is no doubt that like any standard-issue gun, it can always be improved by a little judicious tinkering.  Which is what the Performance Center does.  And yes, like any bespoke changes, you gotta pay for the improvements.

In Colt terms, this is like the difference between the excellent Colt Trooper:

..and the magnificent Python.

I would be perfectly happy with a Trooper or S&W 627 (although 8 rounds in the 627, hubba hubba).  Both are excellent revolvers, no question about it.

And the Python and 627 PC?  Wonderful.  And you pay extra for the doubleplus part.  There’s no problem with that.