Alternative Outcomes

This one made me think:

A dog owner was allegedly murdered in his own home by thieves who were targeting his beloved pet labradoodle. Police found the body of Donald Patience shortly after they were called to reports of Layla being dognapped.

All this took place in Britishland, where one is forbidden to defend one’s life and/or property.

I can’t help thinking what the reaction would be had this happened in, say, Dallas, where at least one of the home invaders could well have ended up being terminally perforated by a .45 hollowpoint bullet.

Of course, that would result in the usual handwringing sobs of “a dog’s life is not worth a human life”.  According to these asshole thieves, though, it actually is worth more than a human life.

It’s just too bad it was the owner’s, and not the robber’s.


  1. Librul Weenie: “A dog is not worth a human life!”

    Me: “The asshole shoulda thought of that BEFORE breaking into my home.”

  2. The dems, RINO’s and commies here in America want to take Americans rights to self defense away too, so we are just subjects much like the rest of the world.

    My pets are my babies. I consider them part of my family. Life is life, but we all know dems and commies don’t care about life.

    The dems and commies say it’s “my body my choice” while they euthanize unborn babies. Thing is, they are ending the babies body, not their own. Backwards logic.

    In addition, the liberals who screamed and continue to scream “my body my choice” FORCED via coercion the “safe and effective” vaccine for the CONvid SCAMdemic. Don’t get the vax? You’ll lose your job in many cases.

    The libs choose what they want for their body and yours.

    And this includes your right to self defense. The libs, RINO’s and commies want to take that away ASAP.

    Cuz “criminals have rights too”

    “Can’t we all just get along?” Just as long as the liberals stay out of others lives and stop sticking up for criminal scum.

  3. I think it was back in the 90s when I first became aware of how dipshitted the Brits had become. A Brit had shown a home invader the error of his ways, using a decorative sword mounted on his wall. Did a nice job of fucking up the douchebag, and was arrested for it. He was charged with (among other things): “Being a menace to burglars.”

  4. My mutt Shannon is one of my appendages. It’s not possible to harm her without harming me first. As protective as she is, her 48 lb weight is a nightmare any potential harm doer would instantly regret.

    1. Animals are angels. Animals are our family and companions, and they bring us much joy and love.

      Any human that harms an innocent domestic animal is a total piece of shit that deserves nothing but the worst.

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