No End In Sight

Here’s a sign of the times, and it’s not pretty.  As any fule kno, Georgia Arms is one of the biggest reloaders / sellers of “bulk” ammo, whether in minimum purchase requirements or else their “Canned Lightning” (ammo can) option.  Well, here’s what I saw the last time I looked at their website, a couple days back:

That’s not three cases (their normal sales unit), but three boxes.  Aaaargh.

From Chris Metz, CEO of Vista Outdoors (Federal, CCI, Speer and Remington) about ammo demand and shortages:

“Demand has been really strong across the board — any type or caliber of handgun ammo:  small rifle, big rifle, hunting rifle, even rimfire — all of it really picked up.  And we’re not seeing an end.  We talk to a big database of users on a monthly basis, and one thing we’re noting is that what we call ‘heavy shooters’, those who shoot 10,000 rounds or more a year, a lot of them haven’t been purchasing.  They’ve seen the frenzied activity and are holding back in hopes it’ll subside.  Well, we all know what’s going to happen when they work through their stockpiles and, at some point, come back to the market.  So no, we don’t foresee any slowdown in the market in 2021.”

I’m not quite in the group of heavy shooters Metz is talking about — I used to be, not that much anymore — but I know my weekly shooting trips have dwindled to about once every three weeks, and I’m shooting 50 rounds where once I used to burn through 100-150 rounds per session.  I’m reduced to doing 30-minute dry-fire exercises each day — and how sucky is that.

Jason Hornady:

“You know which consumers are maddest?  The ones who normally buy two boxes of deer ammo a year.  They go into their local shops and can’t believe the shelves are bare.”

All the manufacturers are reporting not only worker fatigue but also machine stress, which is also problematic.  There are even shortages of DOT-required spec shipping boxes, FFS, let alone primers and cases.

So all those years of nagging people about National Ammo Day sure taste sour in my mouth right now, because I get no joy whatsoever in saying “I told you so.”

Relaxing Shooting

As it’s Sunday, what better way to while away a little time than to watch the peerless Dave Carrie’s tours of various birdshooting estates?  So load up a large mug of coffee / brandy, and enjoy.

Trump Turnberry

Yorkshire Moors

Belvoir Castle (pronounced “beevah”)

Hunting With Beefy (Sir Ian Botham is one of the greatest cricketers England has ever produced)


Videos made before the Chinkvirus screwed it all up, of course.

And as always, a lovely way to pass the time.

And just to show what UK hunters have to put up with, here’s Rachel Carrie (no relation to Dave) and the reaction to her activities.

On This Day


Forget that Valentine’s Day nonsense.  THIS is the reason why Feb 14 should be a national holiday.

My 1911:

Feel free to indulge your gratitude in Comments.  Just be aware that comments not pertaining to the wonders and greatness of the 1911 will be deleted, with prejudice.