Just Wrong

I don’t follow any kind of professional fighting (boxing, MMA, whatever) so I first thought Paige VanZant was Ronnie’s daughter or something.  Of course, I was wrong, about that anyway, as she’s quite well-known in fighting circles:

Okay, she cleans up pretty nicely, albeit in that not-quite-trailer-park kinda way:

But that’s not what’s upsetting me.  This is:

What the hell kind of gun is young Paige holding?  It looks like she’s about to shoot one of those USPS book-boxes.

Yeah, I know, it’s a Kriss Vector (sounds like an old Marvel villain’s name), and all the cool kids are shooting them.

My feelings on all these modernistic guns is, I think, well known;  but seriously?  This is uglier than a USPS book-box.  1960’s-era Buck Rogers Mattel toy comes to mind.

And all this at $1,600 just to shoot the silly 9mm Europellet?  Pass.

I need to get my busted M1 Carbine to the gunsmith.

Doesn’t look as cool as the Mattel thingy, but mine also has a 15-round (non-Glock) magazine (which isn’t relevant as I don’t own a Glock pistol anyway).

And I’ll take the .30 Carbine over the 9mmP every day of the week.


If ever there was a corporate decision that made no sense, it was FN Herstal/Browning’s to discontinue the manufacture of the much-loved Browning P-35 High Power.

Need less to say, that “gap” in the market was quickly filled by Springfield, with its SA-35:

…and more recently, from EAA/Girsan (Turkey), with its MC P35:

Okay, both clones are apparently made to FN specs, but both SA and EAA claim to have “cleaned up” the design, using modern tooling, steel  and manufacturing methods.  We’ll see over the next few years if this is in fact true.

Here are the principle differences between the two.  The SA-35 is more faithful to the original P35’s appearance, but does not come with the annoying magazine disconnect safety (which prevents the pistol from firing unless a magazine is inserted).  The MC P35 has a ambidextrous safety (which will endear it to left-hand shooters) but does feature said annoying magazine disconnect safety.  The SA-35 has a white dot front sight, while the MC P35 has the traditional HP’s white line front sight.

The SA-35 runs about $650 street, and the MC P35 about $525 street.

Now for the fun part.  When FN saw the response from gun owners to the new suppliers’ models, they said “Oops” (or however they say it in Belgianese) and re-released the P35, albeit uglier and at the typical FN/Browning premium price ($700 over the Springfield):

Me, IF I were in the market for a new High Power to replace the one I lost in that terrible canoeing accident on the Brazos, I’d get the Springfield SA-35 in a heartbeat.  Hell, I might get one anyway, just for spite.

Here’s an overview of all three new variants.


Poor bastards.

A new national gun surrender will allow people to anonymously hand in weapons and ammunition including heirlooms, shotguns and antique revolvers, as well as illegal stun guns and gas-firing blank pistols bought overseas.

“They can do that anonymously and there will be an amnesty for them in order to transport that weapon or be in possession of that weapon at the point they surrender it.

“No-one needs to be concerned about walking into a station or contacting their local force.

“We don’t need to know your name, we don’t need to know how you came into possession of it, all we need you to do is give us the gun.”

Makes me sick.  Fucking totalitarian assholes.


I am happy to announce that the winner of the ULD Rifle Draw is Longtime Reader and frequent commenter Topcat1957.

Summary:  There were 253 tickets in total.  No paper tickets this year;  I simply assigned each ticket a number and did a random number generator between 0 and 254, and TC’s number came up.

Thank you all for participating, and congrats to TopCat.

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The Forgotten Model 60

Amidst all the hoo-hah of Ruger buying Marlin and re-releasing Marlin lever rifles, it seems as though everyone has forgotten about Marlin’s heritage in rimfire rifles.

See if you can see what caused me an immediate RCOB on this page:

“Currently not in production”????   WTF is going on over there?   When was production halted anyway, and why?

And indeed, a cursory look at my usual thirty or so favorite gun dealers’ sites revealed that the Model 60 is MIA, everywhere.

A Marlin 60 was the very first rifle I purchased, shortly after I arrived in the U.S. as a Drenched Wetback© in the mid-1980s, and in the proper hands it is capable of astounding accuracy — for any rifle, let alone a budget one — as witnessed by Reader Brad’s recent trip to the range:

That’s five rounds at 25 yards, although he did “cheat” by using a peep sight instead of the original buckhorn/V on the Marlin.

Note to the “marketing” department at Ruger:  restart production of this little beauty ASAP, you bastards, or hell will follow.