Ya Thank?

From the Redcoats Burn Down The White House! news department:

Some Republican senators are concerned that conservative populism is taking over the Republican Party — concerns which coincide with increased distrust in federal agencies and establishment media outlets.

Wow, I wonder how they managed to figure this out… so late in the game.

Clueless idiots.  Oh wait:  here might be a clue:

Distrust for basic institutions has continued to bubble throughout President Biden’s time in office, particularly in light of the Department of Justice (DOJ) targeting former President Donald Trump while seemingly allowing Biden family corruption to go relatively unaddressed.

And Congress is right on it:

Such mounting concerns led to the creation of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, which has worked to showcase the corruption of the FBI and DOJ.

A show of hands, please:  how many of you think that this subcommittee’s findings will result in anyone being fired, imprisoned or even fined for said corruption?

None of you, huh?  Me neither.

I’m a conservative, all right, but I’m nowhere close to being a populist, politically speaking.  But if we look at the scale between “Boys will be boys” at one end and “Hang every last one of them from lamp posts” at the other, with each passing day I’m finding myself sliding ever closer to the “Never mind the gallows;  we have lots of ammo”  position.

What amazes me is that “some Republican senators” are only now becoming aware of how common my position is turning, even amongst the more polite conservatives.

And when the Communists steal the 2024 election with millions of fraudulent mail-in ballots?

We’ll just have to see.

The “Clean Vs. Dirty” Thing

One of Jeff Goldstein’s fine statements in Maybe I’ll be there to shake your hand (as discussed in the above post) is this one:

The Global Elites behind BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street, the WEF, the WHO, the UN, et al., have never liked that presumptuous, barely-credentialed nobodies, can get on planes and travel the globe, just as they do. They never accepted that the filthies can eat a fine rib eye, or drive a nice car, or own a comfortable home — and not have to rely on their largess, or answer to their diktats.

For those who missed the allusion to “filthies”, here’s its foundation:  another Jeff (Tucker) wrote a brilliant piece called Clean vs. Dirty: A Way to Understand Everything, and here’s its basic premise:

It is possible to understand nearly everything going on today – the Covid response, the political tribalism, the censorship, the failure of the major media to talk about anything that matters, the cultural and class divides, even migration trends – as a grand effort by those people who perceive themselves to be clean to stay away from people they regard as dirty.

They don’t want pet waste on their carpet, thus comparing ideas with which they disagree with a nasty pathogen. They are seeking to stay clean.
In this case and in every case, they are glad for the government to operate as the clean-up crew. It’s dirty ideas and people who hold them they oppose. They don’t want to have friends who articulate them or live in communities where such people live.

And the reason they don’t want to deal with people like Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter, Elon Musk or, for that matter, any unwashed scum with uncomfortable ideas supported by incontrovertible evidence and/or historical precedent — the reason is that their own worldview is based upon theory and (they think) altruism.  The thing about both theory and altruism is that these are clean philosophies — their motives are pure, you see — and they hate to see those cherished ideals get messed upon when some Unwashed (like, for example, me) points out that their climate “science” is based upon shaky data and wishful thinking, while their predictive models are hopelessly in accurate and cannot form the basis of social or political policy.

The Cleanies likewise hate it when someone lowers income tax rates, because revenues will be “lost” — except, of course, that anyone with the slightest knowledge of history (never mind economics) can point out that when tax rates are cut, tax revenues increase, in some cases massively.

But those messy, messy realities sully the purity of their philosophy, so best to ignore — or better yet, suppress — those dirty realists.

Of course, the reality I’d like to impose on them is fairly simple:

…but no doubt, someone’s going to have a problem with this Occamic proposition.

It might, however, be the only solution — messy though it is.

Conservative Stuff

One of the socio-political dichotomies we conservatives face is that while we are often described (in our “Republican” guise) as the party of the rich, the fact is that while there may be a few wealthy conservatives, the vast bulk of us are in fact middle-class, nay even working class (as defined in American terms).  Donald Trump saw this, and tapped into the latter:  the non-rich, conservative and intensely patriotic folks who are exemplified by Readers of this website.

And we are all familiar with the efforts of the ungodly (Leftists, Commies, Wokists — you all know who they are) to censor, muzzle, “cancel” and otherwise stifle our ability to function in today’s world, whether it be by woke banks not wanting to facilitate the “wrong” kind of financial transaction (e.g. buying guns), or media groups not wanting our voices to become public (Facebook bannings, YouTube censorship, de-hosting Deplorable websites such as mine*, etc.) and similar bastardy.  As I said, you’re all familiar with the situation so I’m not going to catalogue their misdeeds.

Once again thanks to Insty, I’ve stumbled upon an alternative which may help us sidestep the Left.  Read this and feel relieved (as I was) that we may have a way out of this mess.

I was particularly impressed by this company (despite its name**) which gives us a chance to help a truly American industry.

So I’m going to see what happens with New Founding, and I’ll let you know.

*Nobody has tried to silence me — yet — probably because my readership is too small to bother with.  Let me assure you, however, that should that day come, Tech Support II has a backup plan which could be enacted within hours, and I’d be back in business, so to speak.

**As a devotee of side-by-side (as opposed to over/under) shotguns, I hesitated a bit, but never mind.

Early Days

Via GatewayPundit comes this survey result:

And what I think this means is that’s the Trump who got the Arabs and Izzies to talk nice to each other, who started to build a wall on our southern border, who got corporations to pull back from China, who lowered taxes, who got Keystone XL going, who caused the economy to boom, energized crowds and all that.  The Trump we’re not interested in is the poltroon who shot his mouth off on Twatter, let his mouth run away from him in important speeches and allowed the Left to demonize and attack him.

So just as a thought exercise, and realizing that it’s four years till the next election where we get to toss Kamala Harris out of the Oval Office, let’s talk about this a little.  I think we should forget about Trump ever running (or for that matter winning) for POTUS again.  For one thing, he’ll be too old in 2020 and for another, I think that while he showed the way, his race is run.  Time to move on.

I know it’s way premature and others may arise in years to come, but as I see it, the politicians who right now seem to be most like Trump (and without all those annoying little ego quirks) are as follows, in no specific order:

“Establishment” candidates:

Ron DeSantis (FloridaGov).  My Floriduh Readers may be able to shed a little more light on DeSantis, but from what I’ve seen so far, with the proper grooming he could be Trump’s heir apparent.  Most tellingly, from the depth and viciousness of the Left’s attacks on him right now, I think they see him as a dangerous opponent.  I prefer my presidents to have executive experience (unlike, say, Obama) in politics or even in business (like Trump), and DeSantis has that.

Mike Pompeo (ex-SecState and CIA Director under Trump).  Brilliant foreign policy formulator, always has America’s interests at heart, no-nonsense attitude, and has Congressional experience as a former Congressman.

Kristi Noem (SDGov).  I think I’d prefer to see her as the VP, simply because running a tiny state like South Dakota  isn’t comparable to the same job in Texas or Florida.  But she’s strong on values (conservative values) and she was also in Congress so she’ll know how that snakepit functions.

Richard Grenell (former ambassador and acting head of DNI).  I like this man’s attitude and my only concern is that he has had no executive experience — but I think he’d be a real quick learner.  I understand that if CalGov Newsom is recalled (I wish), Grenell wants to run against him in the follow-up election, and if he wins and gets any kind of success in pulling California away from the pit, he’d be a really string contender in 2024.

Rick Scott (R-FL senator and ex-FLGov).  On paper, he has it all:  executive experience in business and government, strong conservative credentials and he understands how Congress works.  He’s now 68 and would be 72 in 2024, if that matters.

Scott Walker (ex-WIGov).  He gets up the Left’s collective nose, and has actually had good conservative results despite rabid opposition from the Commies.  Also has executive experience, and is a full-blown Midwesterner.

Mike Pence (ex-VP under Trump, ex-INGov and congressman).   I think that Pence has the character aspect sewn up, and none of the Left’s attacks on him have worked.  Ordinarily, the VP is the heir apparent, but he’s definitely not Trump II — which is both good and bad.  He certainly has all the experience anyone could bring to the table.  Under any other president than Trump, Pence would be a shoo-in for the next election.  He still might be.

“Wild Card” candidate:

Dan Crenshaw (R-TX congressman, ex-SEAL Team 3).  He looks like a pirate, has few if any equals in terms of military cred, and his no-bullshit attitude is better than Trump’s.  He has little executive experience other than in the military.  Definitely a long-term prospect.

I don’t care about any of the associated characteristics of the above (DeSantis is Hispanic, Grenell is a homo, Noem has a vagina etc.) because none of that matters.  What matters is the next Republican candidate’s closeness to Trumpist philosophy and governing style (minus, as I said, the silly tweets and non-Presidential extemporaneous remarks).

As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome.