Stupid People

Following on from the essay above, here’s another group of stupid people:

Too many BBC journalists ‘lack understanding of basic economics’ which is creating a risk to its impartiality, an independent review has found.

A report commissioned by the broadcaster said the corporation’s economics reporting is guilty of ‘uninformed groupthink’ and dominated too much by the Westminster version of events.

More like the Kremlin- or Beijing version, but that’s a topic for another time.

It added there was a ‘lack of confidence’ to challenge mainstream arguments, along with at times a ‘temptation to hype’ in this area of reporting.

Yup.  Add ignorance to “if it bleeds, it leads”, and you have pretty much encapsulated all journalism, not just BBC journalism.

This is one reason why when a Socialist politician states that a tax rate reduction is going to “cost” money, it’s solemnly reported as fact when it’s actually not only economically illiterate, but historically refutable.

“It must be true, I read it in the paper”  has as much credence as “it must be true, I read it on the Internet”.  Depending on the topic, maybe even less.

And we won’t even talk about journalists on the topic of firearms, where their ignorance is positively Bidenesque.

Battle !!!!!

This one caught my attention, oh you betcha:

I’m thinking naked, in the mud pit:

Claudia Winkleman

Fiona Bruce

Gabby Logan

Jo Whiley

Karin Giannone

Kate Silverton  — recently voted “Most Kissable Mouth in Great Britain”*

Katie Derham

Natasha Kaplinsky

Stacey Dooley

Susanna Reid

…oh wait;  apparently, the girls will have to fight for their jobs with screen tests.  Well, that’s a mood-killer.

Never mind.

*recently voted “Most Kissable Mouth in Great Britain” — by me.  Because it is.

Quote Of The Day

From Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom (welcome back, btw):

“What started with a mentally ill nudist with a hammer has been revealed as yet another attempt by the left to censor, shame, and criminalize speech — especially speech that is critical of their elite class.”

Yeah, as MAGA Republicans such as I are well-known for our support of loony street people with homicidal tendencies, this argument by the Socialists makes perfect sense.

Although you’d have to redefine “support” as “should be used for target practice” to get a true measure of my stance, and I suspect I’m not the only one.


In a shocking development:

Fox News announced Wednesday that Trace Gallagher will be the new anchor of Fox News @ Night, replacing Shannon Bream, who now hosts Fox News Sunday.

Now I have nothing against Gallagher, whom I recall as a decent enough sort, back when I used to watch cable news shows, and Fox in particular.  But let’s just consider what’s happening here:

I mean… seriously?

Shannon is one of the foxiest [sic]  anchors on TV, and to relegate her to a Sunday-only position is not A Good Thing.  (I’m thinking of the welfare of Fox News regular viewers, here.)

Lies And More Lies

You’ve all seen pictures of the falling level of water in Lake Mead, right?

And read reports of skeletal remains being found as the waters recede?

And that all this is because of climate change, via lower rainfalls, snowfalls, etc.?

Well, only the first two are factual.  The third is an outright lie.  “Climate change” has nothing to do with Lake Mead’s water level dropping, because the main suppliers of water to the lake (rain runoff and snowmelt) have not in fact decreased but remained constant.

And some smart guys have the real answer to the problem.  Read all about it here.