Isn’t THAT Special?

In case you were wondering, yes:  there is a noise in the background, and it is the sound of hoofbeats:

Why?  Silly rabbits, this is the reason:

Made In Chelsea to become first UK show in TV history to broadcast three-way kiss between male throuple as Channel 4 hire ‘Queer Expert’ to oversee storyline

Every single phrase in that headline is appalling. And try as I may, I can’t even make a joke about it.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and puke my guts out.  And then go to the range.


  1. There’s got to be some old school gays out there who miss the old days. Not when being gay was a crime, just when being gay was a little bit secret, a little outrageous.

    1. I know several, and you’re right. They’re disgusted by the radicals and their ideology, their “pride”, their exhibitionism, all of which destroys the acceptance of homosexuals that they took decades to achieve.

    2. Apparently, staying in the club requires being more and more exhibitionist every day.

  2. Being about Chelsea, it’s only appropriate. And I don’t mean Chelsea Clinton, I doubt anyone would want to snuggle that bitch.

  3. So, they jam their dix in each others nasty assholes and that’s their claim to fame? Base animals don’t even do that.

    My first inclination is to kill em all.
    But that would be a waste of resources.

    Instead, strap em to the wheel, and have em make cornmeal.
    Get some use out of em until they drop from exhaustion, then helicopter em 40 miles out into the ocean.

  4. Remember when England stood astride the world as a colossus?

    Now they treat us to this silly shit. No wonder the Muzzies don’t take them (or any of the west anymore really) seriously.

  5. Stupid people promoting non-reproductive sex simply means that they are leaving the gene pool.
    Impressionable youth will go with that flow – unless they among the few that have parents.

  6. August 2023 — fruitcakes are careful to avoid “insensitivities” [from the linked press-release].
    That should last all of about two secs… until the drama-queens realize nobody is watching.
    At that point, the freaks automatically expand their boundaries… and normal folk reach a little closer to the machete and noose.

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