One More Time

Saw this recently and it got my blood boiling:

I just looked at my electricity bill, and it went up 25% compared to last year this time (i.e. summer compared to summer).  Other commodities show similar increases, the lowest being 12%.  So:

Where the FUCK does that 3.2% number come from?

I want to see exactly which categories showed less than 3.2% inflation, to bring the average down.  And don’t insult me with bullshit like “Office Rents” (which go down, on the aggregate, when people move out and stop paying the rent): I want to see like for like.

Wait, I can see my future… and it involves shooting double the amount of ammo at this afternoon’s range session.


  1. 3% is the “official” inflation rate, which literally doesn’t count food or energy price changes. That is because so many Gov’t programs are tied into the rate of inflation and the COLA goes up equal to the inflation rate. Therefore a ‘tiny’ inflation rate to avoid falling off the payment cliff, along with trying to keep the rubes complacent.

    In the real world, your challenge would show 25 to 30% inflation rate as people need to buy food and fuel. Remember the price of gas prior to Biden’s inauguration, vs the cost today?

    1. Which is really neat, because energy price changes affect food prices and oh-by-the-way, the price of every item on every shelf.

  2. Our natural gas provider just announced next year’s rates will be increased by 30% from the current pricing..

    But that’s not inflation, it’s just a price increase (say the geniuses in the fed-dot-gov). Besides, who needs to keep a house warm through a Wyoming winter? So it’s not counted in the imaginary CPI.

  3. Because when you are the Government and the result doesn’t come out the way the Boss wants to see it, you simply change the rules until it does.

    See this 5 lb bag of Sugar – the price has only gone up 3% – Never mind that it only contains 3.5 pounds now , It stll looks like a 5 lb bag of Sugar.

    Recently bought a large Cosco Size bottle of Daily Low dose Aspirin as I was running low. When I got home I emptied it into the small container I use to hold my supply of Daily Meds and still didn’t fill the small container.

    1. Inflation rates haven’t been even close to correct since 1989. When I was working in Aerospace we noticed that the inflation rate was predicted to go down in 1990 and further. We wondered how they would know, but didn’t think that jiggering the inflation rate helped “solve” the Social Security and Medicare programs. And this was in a department where one Business Manager was grievously offended when the Program Manager said, “This variance doesn’t matter, it will disappear next month when we rebaseline.”
      The proverbial “Rubber Baseline”; saving managers reputations for decades.

  4. the data revisions in Orwell’s “1984” are more believable than much of government’s statistics.

    as stated above, packages get smaller while the price remains the same. Fuel prices go up which also impacts the cost of items being shipped.


  5. I just bought some frozen Ore-Ida potatoes.
    Price now $5.58/bag.
    Price exactly two years ago this month $3.32/bag, from the same store.
    5.58/3.32 = 1.68
    What’s that – up 68% over two years, or simplified, up about 34% per year of the Biden miasma/bullshit/kleptocracy?
    I believe they misplaced a decimal point in their CPI figure.

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