No Kidding

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Read my lips: We’re not going back to masks and lockdowns again

Thankfully I live in Texas, where the state government isn’t entirely run by power-hungry assholes like those in California and New York, to name but two.  Which means that this mask foolishness is unlikely to get any traction except by members of the Perpetually Fearful Set, who are concentrated in Democrat hell-holes like Austin and suburban north Dallas.   The mommies shopping at Trader Joe can wear a dozen masks at a time for all I care;  I’ll just shop in my normal manner.  (And if Trader Joe starts that “only ten people in the store at a time” nonsense, I’ll shop elsewhere until they come to their senses.)

As for lockdowns… forget it.  The boys at Meal Team Six can stay home playing Medal Of Honor or working in the JiffyLube grease pit.


As I’ve often said, Marxism/Socialism/[whatever the Left calls it now] has always ignored the consequences of their stupid “philosophy in favor of its intentions.

Here’s a very interesting take on the whole CRT business, from someone who’s had to live with its consequences for over a decade:

The overarching truth is that an idea pushed South Africa to the brink. You guys know this idea, because it animates the sermons of critical race theorists trying to force you to take the knee and atone for your supposed sins. I am going to call it the Beautiful Idea, because it is beautiful in a way — but also dangerous.
The Beautiful Idea holds that all humans are born with identical gifts and should turn out to be clones of one another in a just society. Conversely, any situation in which disparity survives is in itself proof of injustice. This is the line promoted by CRT pundit Ibram X. Kendi, who blames all racial disparities on racist policies.

Read it all.

Then there’s this:

And here’s the ultimate outcome of such a philosophy:

And there ya go.  Now apply that to schools, universities, government departments, corporations and just about every other institution, and consider the inevitable outcomes.  To the Leftists, though, the outcomes are irrelevant, as long as the policies are noble and virtuous.

Death To The Death Tax

Leaving aside the universally-loathed (by taxpayers) the tax on wages (misnamed the “income” tax), the most unpopular piece of governmental theft is that of the inheritance tax.  And with good reason.

In the not-too-distant past, inheritance taxes were the only stream of tax revenue which actually cost more to collect than the revenue thus obtained.  (In 2005, as I recall, the cost of collection per dollar was $1.07, and prior to that it went as high as $1.13, before the IRS — with the willing aid of Congress — “improved” their tax collection ratio simply by disallowing many of the cutouts and exceptions.)

But what’s interesting about these taxes is that they were hated even by Americans who would never pay a dime after their parents passed away — the implicit unfairness of the tax’s rationale that the inheritor never “earned” that inheritance, and therefore it was “unfair” and should be redistributed confiscated by the State, was understood by everyone to be total bullshit (born of pure Socialist wealth envy).

Now try this little piece of bastardy, courtesy of President Braindead’s handlers:

Democrats in Congress have made no secret of their desire to slip all sorts of tax hikes into the various massive legislative packages that have thus far (thankfully) remained bogged down in the Senate. They would like to see a significant increase in the gas tax to pay for the liberal wish list known as “infrastructure.” There’s also a continued push for a so-called “wealth tax” on people who are considered by the Dems’ socialist wing to have “too much money.” But one of the most controversial of these plans is the call to greatly expand the inheritance tax, more correctly known as the death tax. However, describing it as either an expansion or an increase isn’t accurate. The New York Post took a look at the plan this week and revealed that what they really want to do is create an entirely new category of taxation for the estates of the deceased, treating the transfer of assets to survivors as a capital gains event.

And it gets better:

For those of you who are thinking that this is “somebody else’s problem” because it only applies to the rich and famous, think again. If you’ve ever read Thomas Stanley’s 2010 bestseller, “The Millionaire Next Door,” you probably understand how this works. If you work throughout most of your life, put money away into any sort of retirement plans, and own your own home, you can break the millionaire barrier without too much trouble by the time you are in your sixties. No, not everyone in the middle class manages it, but this applies to a lot more people than you might think.
If you are fortunate enough to live for a very long time after you retire, you may burn through a fair bit of that wealth. But if you unfortunately only make it to somewhere around the national American average life expectancy, in your mid-70s or even late-60s, you could still be sitting on a tidy sum to help your family along. But nearly 80% of that wealth would evaporate under Biden’s new scheme.

And to reiterate:

Good luck figuring out the arguments in favor of a system of governmental robbery like this. Aside from envy and a desire to eat the rich or “redistribute” everything, there aren’t many. But one of the most compelling arguments  against this capital gains concept is that we would be treating wealth held in individual estates the same as income. And all of that money and value  has already been taxed. Every estate tax represents a case of double taxation on the same income via renaming the fingers coming to pick your pockets. Don’t let them get away with it. Estate taxes should be repealed, not effectively doubled.

This would be my suggestion to stop them getting away with this new kind of theft, but no doubt someone will have a problem with it.

Wait, What?

Here’s one that’s sure to please all Texans:

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is asking Texans to reduce electric use as much as possible today through Friday, June 18. A significant number of forced generation outages combined with potential record electric use for the month of June has resulted in tight grid conditions.

Lest we forget, this is the same bunch of incompetent assholes who were responsible for Texas’s power outages in February of this year, during the coldest weeks in recent history.

Now, as we inch towards peak summer with daily temperatures already in the high 90s, we’re told to expect power outages, again?

My question is quite simple:  what is the point of ERCOT’s existence, if they can’t ensure reliable electricity?

Gummint Meddling

Just as they’ve been doing with the gun industry and other such activities they don’t approve of, banks (aided and abetted by the usual assholes e.g. John Fuckface Kerry) have turned their fevered gaze towards the eeeevil energy companies.

Climate envoy John Kerry is prodding major U.S. banks privately to announce commitments for climate-friendly finance as part of the administration’s climate change policy rollout at President Joe Biden’s Earth Day summit next month.

…and of course because banks are in business purely at the behest of government, they will no doubt hasten to do what he tells them.

This Green bullshit has to stop, and I’m glad to see that some states are fighting back.

Fifteen state treasurers told Climate Envoy John Kerry to stop pressuring banks and financial institutions to drop the states because if they do then the states will drop them.  The states include Texas, Oklahoma, and coal-heavy West Virginia.

Don’t mess with Texas, assholes.