Not Interested

Via Stephen Green at Insty I see that the NorKs are giving President Braindead’s diplomatic initiative the cold shoulder:

The White House said it had not received any response to repeated efforts to reach out to Pyongyang. The news comes as Joe Biden has sent his top diplomatic and military representatives to Asia.

At first glance, one would be puzzled at the Norks’ indifference, because when the Democrats are in control of the country, our “diplomatic initiatives” are most likely to be in the order of “Come to the table so we can bend ourselves over it”.

But considering that the Norks don’t jump unless the ChiComs first tell them how high, all is explained.  Beijing isn’t interested in any kind of diplomacy with the U.S. when they know they can just bully the flabby-kneed idiots in the State Department and White House to get them to do what they want us to do.

And Biden’s “top diplomatic and military representatives” are likely to be complete morons and milquetoasts, so small wonder.

Never mind missing Trump;  I miss Mike Pompeo just as much.