From My Inbox

…news from Amazon:

Well now:  considering that the CEO of GrubHub has publicly stated that Trump supporters/MAGA types need not bother applying for positions at his company, I think it’s only fair that this Trump supporter/MAGA type refuses to do business with his poxy company, ever.  Even if it’s free.

Okay Fine

From the looniest bitch (among many):

Thank you for helping me make up my mind, Kathy.  Hope you’re prepared for your suggested outcome because I suspect we are, more so than you.

(Did she think we were going to be scared?)

Cold Hard Resolve

Of all the comments I’ve read about the Trump verdict so far, Bonchie (over at RedState) has the best take:

So now what?

Some aren’t going to like this, but the answer is to suck it up and do what it takes to win in November. Shouting at the sky, making all-caps posts on social media, and continuing to talk about how unfair everything is won’t move the needle. Trump was nominated knowing this was the likely outcome. None of this is a surprise. This is not the time to quiver. It’s the time to strike back.

This isn’t about liking Trump or not. It’s not about whether he should have been the nominee. There will be time for post-mortems after the election. Right now is the time to get up off the mat and do everything possible to make Democrats regret this for the good of the country and the credibility of the judicial system.

That, and lay in more supplies of ammo.

Because if Trump is sworn in as POTUS in January, the S may well HTF.  We won’t start it, but we may well have to finish it.

Changing The Playing Field

I have to say that I like this move:

Thirteen fed-up counties in liberal Oregon have voted in support of measures to start negotiations to secede from the state and join conservative Idaho.

The proposal seeks to move the Oregon border 200 miles to the west, meaning that 14 counties and several partial counties would fall under Idaho state lines.

Here’s what the redrawn boundaries would look like:

I have no idea how all this would work, but it sure beats back the tired old “If you don’t like it here, then leave”  trope, to be replaced with “Sure we’ll leave, but we’re going to take all that farmland and our tax dollars with us”.

Needless to say, the Washgov (not to mention the feddle gov) is going to fight against this tooth and nail.

Get to it, guys, and git ‘er done.

More Strong Medicine

Here’s another thing which gets up my nose:

Columbia’s Rabbinical Leaders Urge Jewish Students to Stay Home Amid ‘Extreme Antisemitism and Anarchy’

Why?  Why should Jews cower in their houses when these anti-Semitic assholes are screeching their “from the river to the sea” bullshit?  They have as much right — perhaps even more so — to be on campus as these other tools, and if confronted then yes, they should have the right to defend themselves against attack.

If you get my drift.

The problem is, and always has been, that Jews respond like victims to anti-Semitic bullying instead of standing up to it.  (The exception to this, of course, is the state of Israel, which is why the Arabs and their noch-schleppers  get into such a frothy about Israel — “They dare to stand up to us and retaliate!” — when in fact that is precisely what is needed when encountering a bully.)

No, Jews are civilized — at least, far more civilized than those who hate them, e.g. Arabs and other Muslims — and so their response to threats has always been with calls to the “authorities” for protection instead of applying a local version of IDF remedies.

Well, the “authorities” ain’t gonna do shit to help you, guys, and in fact they’re more likely to be terrorsymps than protectors.

I have a dream, and it’s absolutely nothing like Martin Luther King’s.

I have a dream that I could get a whole bunch of my tough Tribe Readers to go with me to the Columbia campus, and do nothing but stand there and wear our yarmulkas during one of these little “demonstrations” by the Screaming Asshole Set.  No signs, no yelling, nothing but our presence.

I’ll leave what follows to your imagination.