Call To Arms

At the Federalist Society, a speech from Bari Weiss which outlines the issue facing us at this time, and reminds us of our collective duty to save civilization.  As she rightly says:

When antisemitism moves from the shameful fringe into the public square, it is not about Jews. It is never about Jews. It is about everyone else. It is about the surrounding society or the culture or the country. It is an early warning system—a sign that the society itself is breaking down. That it is dying.

It is a symptom of a much deeper crisis—one that explains how, in the span of a little over 20 years since Sept 11, educated people now respond to an act of savagery not with a defense of civilization, but with a defense of barbarism.

Read the whole damn thing, because you must.

It’s not just Jews who are at risk.  We are all at risk, every one of us who claims to be civilized.

Cenotaph Update

Yesterday we learned that “football hooligans” (a.k.a. loyal and decent Brits) are going to stop the Pal terrorsymps from taking over the Remembrance Day memorial.

Now we have this:

Football hooligans alliance supporters warn fans ‘do not come tooled up’ with weapons as they bid to ‘protect’ the Cenotaph from pro-Palestine protest – and sell out coaches for hundreds to head to London.

My thought is precisely the opposite:  by all means bring weapons, because you have to know that the “peaceful” terrorsymps surely will — and the last thing you need is to face some dangerous asshole down with only your fists when he’s carrying a “sign-holder” (club).

No no:  bring weapons yourselves, but do not brandish them or take them out — ever — unless you’re physically attacked.

Then have at it, and may the best thug win.

No doubt someone’s going to have a problem with this, but I don’t care.  Even in Britishland, one should have the proper (and lawful) means of self-defense, e.g. a pair of sap gloves (as worn by the cops, ergo legal), and some kind of head protection (e.g. one of these).  I had both on my last visit to Britishland, but I just never told anyone about them.

I also recommend carrying a sign (suitably provocative) affixed to a pickax handle.

It’s all about freedom of expression, innit?

Popcorn Time

Ooooh, I like the sound of this, oh yes I do:

Football hooligans are planning to ‘team up’ and ‘protect’ the Cenotaph from pro-Palestine protestors… with police fearing more than a thousand will come to London where a rally against war in Gaza is set to take place.

For those Murkins who are unaware what this is all about:  unlike party-latecomers U.S. of A. to the fun and games of the WWI trenches, the Brits and French had been ritually slaughtered for several years in the trenches of northeastern France.

The First World War, in other words, had a far greater impact on British society (and it still does) than Over Here.

The Cenotaph in London is the great monument to the fallen of that war, and it is probably the single most unifying day in Britishland, where the entire nation falls silent at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, and wreaths are placed at the foot of the monument by kings, queens, princes and princesses.  It is, in short, important.

So the Great Unwashed — in this case the fools who are protesting the current unpleasantness — announced that they were going to hijack the ceremony to make their little strident protests.

Whereupon the working class of Britain — then and now the most patriotic of the British citizenry — have apparently decided that this shall not stand.  (Note that they’re called “football hooligans” by the Loathsome Jackals Of The Press, instead of “people who have a sense of honor” who, it should be said, have had enough of all this bullshit.)

Incidentally — and this predates the Balfour Declaration — had Britain not invaded Judea (the area now mistakenly called “Palestine”) back in that selfsame World War, the area might still be a satrapy of Turkey.

But enough history.  What I want to see is the lads from the Millwall, West Ham, Crystal Palace and other such fan clubs stop beating each other up (the normal Match Day pastime) and converge on the Cenotaph en masse.  Then they can start beating the shit out of the terrorsymp protesters, without the cops doing anything but nod approvingly and, if there were any justice in the world, corral the terrorsymps and prevent them from escaping the festivities.

That won’t happen, of course, more’s the pity.  But I hope just a few hundred terrorsymps get fucked up so badly that they have to wait in the interminable NHS waiting lines to have their broken bones, skulls etc. patched up.

I’ll be Over Here, raising a pint of Fuller’s London Pride in the lads’ honor, oh yes I will.  I’m even going to tune in to the ghastly BBC World TV channel in the hopes that a few BBC journos (who are almost without exception terrorsymps themselves) get their heads broken as well as they try to put their pathetic spin on the event.

That would call for magnums of champagne, never mind pints of ale.

Dogs of war, baby, dogs of war.  I want to see them unleashed, with extreme malice.

If I were in London right now, I might even put on a Millwall supporter’s shirt and catch the Tube over, just to see what I could do to help.  I haven’t been in a decent street fight since I battled apartheid cops in the streets of Johannesburg, and it’s about time.

Worms Turning

…in Strylia?  Why, it looks as though even the Perpetually Supine (Covid Class) seem to have taken offense at the latest attempt to turn them (i.e. non-Aboriginals) into second-class citizens in their own country — to the dismay of their Betters:

Australia has overwhelmingly rejected Labor’s proposal for an ‘Indigenous Voice to Parliament’. Had the referendum been successful, it would have given the government a mandate to amend the constitution and create a body exclusively for Aboriginal Australians to advise parliament. After a long and divisive campaign, 60 per cent of Australians voted No to the initiative.

And you have to follow the link to see the response from The Usual Suspects (Down Under Division).

Sixty percent?  At last, some sanity.

Now all they have to do is stop cheating at cricket, and they might even become normal people.

Gentle Reminder

In case anyone here has been asleep for the past couple of decades, and just in case I haven’t been clear enough in the past (pictures say it best): 

Any questions?

Oh, and by the way:  for the past week, I’ve been wearing a kippah every time I leave the house.  Pity the fool.