Texas Ain’t Vancouver

Amid rising fears of furriners buying up Murkin land comes this little glimmer of sunshine:

Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) vowed to back legislation prohibiting Chinese, Russian, Iranian, and North Korean citizens and entities from purchasing land in Texas.

The bill, submitted two months ago by Republican state Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, states that citizens, corporations, and government agencies of the four nations “may not purchase or otherwise acquire title to real property” in the state. Abbott confirmed on Sunday that he would endorse the legislation, which has not yet been voted upon by lawmakers.

The bill should pass — and if not, I’ll be looking at the list of who voted against it.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Good question.  Here are a few gift ideas you can send to Santa.

From Steve Barnett (for the wealthy among us):  ABBIATICO & SALVINELLI – O/U PAIR 12 GA

A bargain, by the way, for a pair of matched shotguns from this gunmaker.

From Sportsman’s Warehouse:  Henry Pump Action Octagon Rifle .22 LR

Every home should have one.

From Collector’s Firearms:  Smith & Wesson 686-6 Plus .357 Mag

Nobody ever regretted buying one of these, but almost everyone regrets having sold one.

Hinterland Outfitters:  Ruger PC Carbine 9mm

I am seriously considering getting one of these, especially as I’m moving over to 9mm (!!!!) as my primary handgun caliber.

From Academy:  Ruger Wrangler .22 LR Revolver

This might actually be a decent “first handgun” for that grandson / granddaughter / nephew / niece that you love so much.

From Cabela’s:  CZ 612 Home Defense Pump-Action Shotgun 12ga

For those wanting something just a little different from the usual Mossberg / Winchester types…

That’s a decent little list, I think.  Something for everyone.

Love Story

In an age when marriage is ignored in favor of “hook-ups”, “partnerships” and “friends-with-benefits”, it’s heartening to see how one couple, at least, started young and over fifty years later, are still making it work:

Devoted couple Harry and Sandra Redknapp admit they love each no less than they did after exchanging vows more than half-a-century ago. 

Redknapp was a promising young footballer with West Ham United when he met apprentice hairdresser Sandra Young on a rowdy dancefloor above Stratford’s legendary Two Puddings pub in 1968.  

Months later they were married, with Sandra supporting her husband as he finished his football career with defunct north American club Seattle Sounders before establishing himself as a much-loved coach and manager.

My Murkin Readers will probably be going “Harry who?”  but the fact of the matter is that Harry is as famous Over There as Bill Parcells, Phil Jackson or Tom Landry ever were Over Here.

I know that to people of his generation, such loyalty, devotion and fidelity might seem nothing special, but here’s the difference:  his and Sandra’s marriage has been a celebrity one, subject to all the scrutiny and limelight that only the awful British press can bring.

Stories of his devotion to Sandra are legion (some of which are contained in the above article), but it should be known that Harry would have been a juicy target for all the fame groupies (step forward, Ulrika Jonsson) for whom his notch on their much-chiseled bedposts would have been a noteworthy one.

But he never strayed, and as he’s got older, that loyalty has made Harry Redknapp all the more beloved to the people of Britain since his retirement from football management.

Well played, mate.

Novel Fundraiser

Wow, here’s an interesting one, from a Florida Girl no less:

Bryce Adams is no stranger to sexy snaps – and has shot to success by filming bonks with her boyfriend, which they share on the adult subscription site.  However, getting frisky for fans is not the only ingredient to the natural beauty’s success.

The 29-year-old, from Florida in the US, has an ‘authentic’ approach to the adult industry.

She documents all parts of her life – even petting her cat (no innuendo intended) – and the non-sexual content has helped her to build up a huge community of fans. 

Her followers include those in the Armed Forces, which has spurred her on to raise more than $70,000 (£61,000) for charity.

Bryce is grateful for the men and women of her country, who put their lives on the line so wanted to show her gratitude in her own unique way.

And so she decided to take her clothes off to raise money for Veterans Day (Friday 11 November).

She asked her 24,000 Twitter followers to retweet her naughty snaps – and for every retweet, she will donate $1 for veterans of the armed forces.

Bryce explained: “Veterans Day is near and dear to my heart.  I appreciate veterans and I thought, hey this is a totally different way for me to try and connect and support the veterans.

I know, you’re too lazy to follow the link…

Good for her, say I.

Learning From Furriners

It’s not often that I think we can learn much from Them What Ain’t Murkins, but this would definitely be one of those times:

Sweden’s new right-wing government has sparked an outcry after scrapping the Ministry of Environment in a move the opposition has branded “devastating”.

The Enviros are now part of the Swedish Commerce Dept., which is where they belong, if anywhere at all.  And the only thing “devastating” about this decision is the hair-on-fire response.

Creating the Dept. of the Environment was perhaps the worst thing Richard Nixon ever did, and elevating this bunch of wackos to a Cabinet position is in the Top 3 Worst for Jimmy Carter (it’s difficult to rank the awful things Carter did, there being so many, but a top 3 for this one is certainly appropriate).

Well done, Sweden!  Bra jobbat!