Getting Burned

Loyal Readers will remember this happy event:

Seems as though this Old Phartte popped his clogs at age 91, and decided that because his grandchildren had never bothered to visit him while he was in hospital, that they weren’t worthy of getting any of his loot once he was gone. So instead of cutting them out of his will, he left them each only a few bucks.

Needless to say, the grandchildren sued the estate, claiming that they were “entitled” to a third, rather than the 0.0001% thereof specified in his will.

Anyway, this group of ingrates lost their case, and a damn good thing it is too.  And for the record, they’re as ugly as they are greedy.

I know, I know:  you loved the outcome as much as I did.


Five granddaughters who were handed just £50 each of their grandfather’s £500,000 fortune because he was ‘hurt’ they never visited him have been ordered to pay £220,000 in court costs.

I love a story with a happy ending.  Especially when it comes to greedy assholes getting their comeuppance.  Like this lot:


  1. it’s your money and property so leave it to whomever you decide to leave it to.

  2. …because he was ‘hurt’ they never visited him

    Well, now they know what “hurt” means, with or without the sneer quotes.

  3. I dont have kids to pick over my carcass when i clock out. So I’ve left it all to Everytown for gu

    I can’t. Not even as a lame joke, I can’t finish that sentence.

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