Little Late, Assholes

I’d like to say “Better late than never” but I’d rather just mail all their severed heads to their next-of-kin:

President Joe Biden’s Energy Department quietly published a congressionally mandated report in December showing the president revoking the Keystone XL Pipeline federal permits cost thousands of jobs and billions of dollars.

Yeah, we all knew that at the time — especially all the workers who were laid off because of Fuck Joe Biden’s little ego trip.


I thought this nonsense was more the provenance of the Japanese and Koreans:

Even when they switch to battery power, Ferrari supercars would continue to make a booming sound if a patent filed by the Italian firm is used in its electric vehicles of the future.
The Maranello-based car maker’s plans have been exposed by design drawings filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, which were first spotted by CarBuzz.
They suggest the iconic brand wants to take the authentic sounds created by the powerful electric motors driving its plug-in models, then enhance them and pump the noise out via external speakers.

JHC, can anything be more pathetic?


Jon Sanders writes about this latest trend from governments:

It already seems as if people are being conditioned to expect talk of rolling blackouts whenever the weather outside seems frightful.

To be very clear: rolling blackouts are not now, nor have they been, normal in the US. Therefore, having to expect rolling blackouts going forward would be abnormal. Nevertheless, as utility providers and power grid monitors have recently warned, the more grids are saddled with intermittent, unreliable wind and solar facilities, the more unreliable they are becoming. They’re more prone to capacity shortfalls and blackouts.

And this, my friends, is utter bullshit.

I don’t want to live under the constant threat of “rolling blackouts”, “load shedding” or any of the other cutesy little euphemisms these bastards come up with to disguise their incompetence.

I expect — no, I demand — to have uninterrupted electricity, 24/7/365, no matter the weather conditions or for any other reason.

If this means that power generation is achieved through burning coal, gas, oil or hippies, I don’t care.

Despite what the Greens and other eco-freaks think, electricity is not an indulgence or a luxury;  it is as important to our civilization as food or water.

And I demand that our elected governments come to terms with that reality, and make the decisions that ensure it — or else be replaced by voters.

Enough of this climate change nonsense, its lies and its fantasies.


This is interesting:

Japan reverses nuclear energy phase-out policy amid global fuel shortages, climate change

…whereas in Germany, for example, where all nukes were put on the short-term shutdown list because of the Fukushima disaster on the other side of the world, they’re still going to resort to firewood and wind power over the winter (lol good luck with that).

And I always thought that the Germans were pragmatic — but that no longer seems to be the case.

Now It’s A Good Thing?

Seems as though pretty much every dark cloud has a silver lining:

Europe is in the throes of a late-autumn heat wave, easing pressure on gas stocks as the bloc braces for its first winter without Russian fossil fuels.

Though Europe has seen milder-than-average temperatures for much of October, the late-autumn heat wave peaked this weekend, bringing temperatures as high as 35 degrees above normal to parts of the continent.

In many parts of Europe, highs climbed this weekend into the 70s and 80s, more like summer than the end of October.

In France, Saturday was the hottest day ever measured after Oct. 20, French meteorologist Etienne Kapikian noted on Twitter, with temperatures reaching 87 degrees Fahrenheit in the country’s southwest.

I guess that “global warming” thing isn’t all bad, now?  Or should we just call it “Euro-Warming“?

…all that said, though, I do get stirrings of a Schadenböner  at the prospect of the Euros having to shiver through the consequences of their own Green insanity.

No Clothes, Also No Body

Via Insty, I came across this priceless pearl of wisdom:

Can’t We Just Admit That Modern Art Is Garbage?

Of course we can.  Because, as one wise man on Teh Intarwebz has noted:

…because, as another Internet sage points out:

“Who the hell would notice?” 

And he’s right:

(That painting, by the way, sold for $12 million, proving that…. well, you know the rest.)

It’s not art — and by the way, the revelation that some series of straight lines by Mondrian has been hanging upside-down in some gallery for decades should come as no surprise to anyone except an art “critic”, “connoisseur” or some pretentious art phony (lots of overlap).