More than a few of you have asked me to put my Biltong Prep post onto the permanent sidebar, so I have.

Just FYI:  I changed the spice measures ever so slightly, and also (based on the last batch I made) substituted red wine vinegar for malt.  Yum.  New Wife and I have actually had to measure out the sliced biltong into daily-ration portions, because we have absolutely no brake pedal on this addiction.

It should be called beefcrack and not biltong, except that sounds vaguely suggestive.

Wise Words

From Insty:

The purpose of “women’s groups” isn’t to help women.  It’s to keep women agitated, suggestible, and submissive to leftist ideology.  And leftist ideology is all about getting, retaining, and exercising power.

Women’s groups used to have a proper purpose in Western society.  Then, as the wrongs they protested were gradually eliminated, they lost their need to exist, but refused to do so.

It’s like still getting upset about the use of small boys as chimney-sweeps.

“Dear Dr. Kim”

“Dear Dr. Kim:
“I recently won a large lottery, and now I’m being inundated with offers of sex from women.  While this is very flattering and all, I’m starting to get sick of it.  What can I do about the situation?”

— Oversexed, Rochdale UK

Dear Over,

Firstly, I have to chastise you for announcing that you’d won the lottery before you’d put your new stash into a super-secret trust fund, untouchable and unreachable to strangers.
Secondly:  with tens of millions in the bank, you advertised for dates?  I was going to ask if you’re fucking stupid, but there’s no need:  you are.  But anyway, that bullet has gone through the church and now all the little gold-diggers in the world have crawled out of their holes, wanting a piece of your action, so to speak.

Here’s what you should do.  Call a news conference and tell them that you’re going to abstain from sex until your AIDS test has come back negative.  Complain that the labs have put your test at the back of the queue because of all the coronavirus testing they have to do, so it’s gonna take a while.  In the meantime, anyone wanting sex from you in the future needs to bring a recent STD test before you’ll even consider bonking them.  (This isn’t a bad thing to do, anyway:  most of the totties in your age group seem to have some kind of pox or other.)

Good luck.  You’re going to need it.  Oh, and any future consultation with me will carry a bill for a million bucks.

Dr. Kim


Got sick of dealing with Chrome’s little quirks, so over the weekend I installed Firefox instead.

So far, so good.  I was able to transfer my bookmarks over without too much hassle (once I’d figured it out), and installed AdBlock (which annoyingly, requires three menu clicks to temporarily disable it on a specific website, as opposed to only one on Chrome;  but an ad-free existence is worth almost any inconvenience short of self-amputation).

That’s two conscious decouplings from the Evil Google Empire:  DuckDuck Go as a search engine instead of the awful Google Search, and now Firefox for Chrome.  Annoyingly, I can’t really do without Google Maps, because those fuckers have sunk their fangs deeply into almost all shopping sites, and anyway, Uber seems to require Google for their vehicle tracking — assuming, that is, that I can ever get back to driving for Uber.

One day soon I’ll go back to using a paper journal / diary instead of the foul Google Calendar.  Back when I was a Great Big Executive (in the Pre-Personal Computer Era), I used a tiny calendar to manage my entire life, and somehow I got by even though my daily life was littered with office appointments, birthdays, weekend plans, band practices / performances.  The best part of this practice, in retrospect, came from knowing that the details of my personal life were absolutely confidential and impervious to snooping from commercial interests, Chinese and Russian hackers, and bored, basement-dwelling neckbeards (who snoop just because they can).  I could also open up my diary without having adverts screaming at me and / or redirecting my attention (and often, dollars) to malevolent data strip-miners.

I long ago quit using any of the over-complicated MS Office products, of course, as the (free) Open Office suite gives me everything I need to run my life from a writing, mathematical and accounting perspective.

Oh, and one last thing:  if you feel the need to comment on this post, please refrain from making any sentences which include the word “Linux” because they will be deleted.  Just as I refuse to grow my own wheat to make bread, I refuse to use an operating system that requires knowledge of concepts like “kernels”;  and similarly, word processing is streets better than poring over type trays and composing sticks while having to think about kerning (no relation).

At some point, a complicated life gets simplified by invention and ingenuity, and then the invention and ingenuity start to take over whereupon life becomes complicated, once again.  All I’m trying to do is pull back a little, to simplify my life a tad and slow things down so I can get halfway through the day without going “WTF?” and tossing shit into the swimming pool.

And did I mention that all the area shooting ranges — my favorite panacea for dealing with irritability, confusion and rage — are still closed?

News Roundup

In and out in ninety seconds, just like a teenage boy’s first sexual encounter.

a rough guess as to why would be that the banks will have zero chance of getting any money back from the airlines, and it’s easier to stiff millions of individuals than try to sue a few airlines.

which would piss me off, if I ever used the bloated and stupid MS Word for anything.

wait:  China’s been lying?  Excuse me while I go and borrow Sarah Hoyt’s shocked face.

except that the MexGov, unlike China, wasn’t lying;  they’re just stupidly inefficient.

serve her right, the little cock-teaser.

and in other news, the Japs Asians just bombed Pearl Harbor.

see “Pearl Harbor”, above.  Gotta hand it to the DHS:  always a day late and a billion dollars short.  Also, I’m hanging onto Sarah’s shocked face for a while, because

you mean Politico isn’t a dependable source for news, and is just like all the other China-asskissing media?


ooohh, he is going to be in SO much trouble for flouting the “social distancing” regulations so egregiously.