More than a few of you have asked me to put my Biltong Prep post onto the permanent sidebar, so I have.

Just FYI:  I changed the spice measures ever so slightly, and also (based on the last batch I made) substituted red wine vinegar for malt.  Yum.  New Wife and I have actually had to measure out the sliced biltong into daily-ration portions, because we have absolutely no brake pedal on this addiction.

It should be called beefcrack and not biltong, except that sounds vaguely suggestive.


  1. Very civil and gentlemanly of you and Mrs dT to share the recipe ( which, no doubt, contains 11 secret herbs and spices)
    Here we have “jerky” (either beef or kangaroo) but your praise for biltong might persuade me to ‘give it a go’.

  2. I’ve tried biltong from Biltong Barron and it is very good!!

    I’ll have to try home made

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