Best Comedy TV (Part 6)

The Drew Carey Show

I was always amused by Drew Carey’s stand-up act, so I looked forward to seeing what he’d do on his own TV show.

Good grief.

With all good comedy shows, the supporting cast is critical, and success was pretty much guaranteed by Carey’s addition of his Whose Line buddy Ryan Stiles (Lewis), the hilarious Diedrich Bader (was there ever a better comedy screen name than Oswald Lee Harvey?) and the wonderful Kathy Kinney (as Mimi):

…as well as the brilliant Scottish comedian Craig Ferguson as his alcoholic boss, Nigel Wick — there was no way this show wasn’t going to be funny.

What made it all the better — and Hollywood used to know this formula, but had forgotten it somehow — was that the show took place not in New York or Los Angeles, but in Flyover Country’s capital, Cleveland OH.  Cleveland?  And it worked, brilliantly.  Carey’s “ordinary-guy” schtick was perfectly cast against the insanity of his surrounding characters and the plotlines, and it too was one of the few TV shows I’d stay home to watch, or at least set up for recording on the VCR (younger Readers can ask their dads to explain this reference).

But nothing — repeat nothing — in TV history could have prepared us for when Drew decided to have an affair with an older woman — but not just any older woman:

Okay, I came late to the Shirley Jones Adoration Society, but if ever there’s a woman who has been gorgeous at whatever age, it’s her:

Was there a man of my generation who did not feel stirrings in his loins when Shirley sashayed down Carey’s stairs for breakfast, wearing nothing but a long nightie?

Comedy gold, as was the entire Drew Carey Show.

5 Worst Commemorative Days

In ascending order of terrible, they are:

  • International Hemorrhoid Day
  • International Vegan Day (or is that just the same as the above?)
  • Premature Ejaculation Day (I know, I know:  all ejaculations are premature)
  • Molest A Pre-Teen Girl Day (for Roman Polanski, that’s every day, of course)

and the absolute worst:

  • Senator Chuck Schumer Appreciation Day

Your suggestions in Comments, as usual.

Little Late

For some reason (inebriation of the editorial committee, no doubt), my copy of Modern Drunkard magazine arrived late this month;  but I think the exhortation is nevertheless quite motivational:

This nonsense of naming days as “Blah Blah Blah Day” is just stupid.  Wait till tomorrow to see exactly how stupid…

OMG Houston, We Have A Problem

“This is not the kind of business I would like to see in Houston and certainly this is not the kind of business the City is seeking to attract,” Mayor Sylvester Turner said.

What kind of business would that be, that it would rile up Hizzoner so badly?  Why, this kind of business:


Yessirree, it’s Houston’s (and Texas’s) very first sex doll brothel.

Only it’s not a brothel.  Why?

Yuval Gavriel, the founder of KinySdollS, calls it a showroom.  Gavriel said customers can try out the merchandise [before buying].

Slippery.  And in one of those delicious little ironies:

The business does not meet the definition of a sexually oriented business and requires simply an occupancy permit.

Needless to say, Houston’s “There-Ought-To-Be-A-Law!” Brigade is in full cry:

Residents and activists have expressed their opposition to the brothel. “There’s kids around here and it’s a family-oriented neighborhood and I live right here and to have that here is just gross.” [said one killjoy]

Considering that Houston has one of the highest strip-clubs per 000 population ratios in the whole United States, this seems… okay, “hilarious” is the word I’m looking for here.  Not that this is going to deter the Puritans In Government [PIGs]:

[Mayor] Turner said “the city is currently reviewing existing ordinances that may restrict or regulate such businesses as well as looking to upgrade our ordinances to cover these type of businesses.”

To reiterate:  while I’m no longer strictly against “regular” prostitution per se, I’m certainly agnostic about the moral issues involved in this robot sex nonsense — but I knew the sex doll thing was going to open up a can of worms.  (I should also point out that unlike Alabama, Texas does not have any laws pertaining to sex toys, so the PIGs have their work cut out for them.)  Clearly, the Houston government has fixed up all the city’s other problems so that city government can afford to devote so much time and energy to stopping a business which will affect, at a rough guess, about a hundred people.

Somebody pass the popcorn.