1. Remembering Cleavon Little, first thought for caption was “where the black women at”? Then again, “where the goats and sheep at?” may be a better fit.

  2. Another Georgetown Prep house party and Christine Blasey Ford Lincoln Mercury can’t keep her clothes on!

  3. …and we HAVE a WINNER!!!

    Uncle Kenny wins the coveted “Early-Morning-Coffee Spew Award” w/ Mini-Keyboard Clusters™!!!

  4. This one is good for fun. Captured from the Hebrew tribe up North. She will last maybe 2 or 3 years, then put her to work cleaning the camel stalls. One warning though, don’t let her speak. EVER ! BTW her name is Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

  5. You applied for a student loan. Your loan was approved, here they are. But remember, it’s a loan.

    (With apologies to Brant Parker and Johnny Hart.)

  6. Kill. Them. All.

    From the Halls of Montezuma
    To the shores of Tripoli
    We fight our country’s battles
    In the air, on land, and sea;
    First to fight for right and freedom
    And to keep our honor clean;
    We are proud to claim the title
    Of United States Marine.

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