1. And that’s been true for literally centuries. As in the 1600s, where Edinburgh was known as the filthiest city in Europe.

    1. It took literally two seconds to find this:


      Sefton Park, Liverpool L17, which I believe New York’s Central Park was modeled on. (Being America, it’s significantly larger, obviously…)

      Liverpool is actually a pretty nice place to visit these days but like NYC/Chicago/etc. there are parts you would avoid. Of course, given the choice, I would take Bath. (Lived in Wavertree, Liverpool, 25 years ago; currently in Reading, on the M4, so I comfortably make Mr. Free Market’s boundary.)

      1. You and I probably have a similar RG postcode then. Yes parts of Liverpool are now what you might call gentrified, but the sound of the accent is like nails on a chalk board. The women wear so much makeup you have to stand five feet away from them and as for their so called sense of humour….. relentless.

        And it’s cold there. A lot.

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