Yes, Virginia

your Democrat politicians are assholes.  To wit:

In one of the biggest stories of 2021 and one that likely helped sweep Republicans into power in Virginia, Scott Smith’s daughter was raped in the girl’s bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt. The Loudoun County school board, which had been pushing a then-new rule allowing “transgender” students to use the bathroom of their choice, sought to cover up the rape at multiple levels. 

Those motivations were confirmed by a grand jury report which revealed officials ignored multiple warning signs and didn’t expel the rapist over fears of transphobia.

Despite those extreme circumstances, Smith was still charged by the local prosecutor with disorderly conduct after he was arrested at a 2021 Loudoun County school board meeting. His crime was attempting to speak out in support of his daughter after the school board declared an unlawful assembly. 

Fortunately, VAGov Youngkin (R) was sensible enough to pardon Scott Smith for this egregious bullshit charge, whereupon the Usual Suspects — that would be DA Buta Biberaj (D) and some other DA (double asswipe) — have had a teenager-type hissy fit.

Which should tell us all exactly what kind of people they are, as if we didn’t know already.  I see that the foul slag Biberaj is seeking reelection.  Reelection?  How about:

And a big attaboy to Glenn Youngkin for doing the right thing.

Pants, Pants, Burning Bright

Here’s one who should go close to the head of the line when it comes time for visiting the Great Tree:

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI Director Christopher Wray claimed that he doesn’t know how many assets his agency had on the ground on January 6—or whether there were any at all.

I’m old enough to remember when it was a crime or something to lie under oath.  “Perjamas”?  “Purgeworthy”?

Whatever, this asshole should hang third from left.

Aarfy Wins Again

From a long-ago post of mine:

One of my favorite-ever literary passages is in Joseph Heller’s Catch-22, when Yossarian walks into a bedroom to discover that his lunatic navigator Aarfy has just murdered a prostitute by throwing her out the window.  While he’s remonstrating with Aarfy, the military police burst into the room — and arrest Yossarian for being AWOL.

Here’s the latest Aarfy:

A police officer has been filmed kneeling down to chat with an animal rights activist who was blocking the road — before grabbing hold of an angry Londoner who was trying to pull a protestor away.

Yeah… don’t arrest the asswipe who’s blocking the road — an actual offense — but by all means do arrest the guy who is doing your job for you.

No wonder Brits aren’t allowed to own AK-47s (passim).