Aarfy Wins Again

From a long-ago post of mine:

One of my favorite-ever literary passages is in Joseph Heller’s Catch-22, when Yossarian walks into a bedroom to discover that his lunatic navigator Aarfy has just murdered a prostitute by throwing her out the window.  While he’s remonstrating with Aarfy, the military police burst into the room — and arrest Yossarian for being AWOL.

Here’s the latest Aarfy:

A police officer has been filmed kneeling down to chat with an animal rights activist who was blocking the road — before grabbing hold of an angry Londoner who was trying to pull a protestor away.

Yeah… don’t arrest the asswipe who’s blocking the road — an actual offense — but by all means do arrest the guy who is doing your job for you.

No wonder Brits aren’t allowed to own AK-47s (passim).