But From Where?

Here’s a little warning that cries out for some specifics:

Republican House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner has warned that the United States has hit its “highest level of a possible terrorist threat.”

Yeah, but from which terrorists, exactly?

ISIS?  Hamas?  Hezbollah?  Taliban?  Columbia students?  Antifa?  BLM?  Norks?  CAIR?  Red Army Faction? Muslim Students Association?  the Justice Department?

I’d like to know just whom I should be looking out for so I can make at least some preparations, instead of just adding a spare mag or two for the truck gun…

…not that this is ever a Bad Thing, necessarily.

Avoiding That Inconvenient History Stuff

The Catholic sent me this example of people with a chronic case of cranial-rectal insertion:

The heroics of HMS Black Joke, a Royal Navy clipper that waged a fearless five-year war to put an end to the slave trade, are worthy of a Hollywood action movie.

She was once a slave ship herself, sailing under the Brazilian flag and known as the Henriqueta. But when the British captured her in 1827, this brave little vessel was transformed into the scourge of mercenary slavers who traded in human beings.

Her crew took unimaginable risks to hunt down Spanish and Portuguese ships and free the men, women and children crammed below decks in conditions of horrific misery.

Read the whole thing, and then its dolorous conclusion.

I would suggest a public whipping for the entire group of decision-makers, just to give them a taste of what HMS Black Joke saved so many people from.

That, or just a simple hanging for the lot of them.

But no doubt that would make me a violent racist hater, or something.

Japs Bomb Pearl Harbor

and in other “news”:

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell admitted that he was wrong to expect inflation would be transitory when it started to rise three years ago.

I wonder what clue he and the other asswipes at the Fed missed:  that government spending was increasing exponentially, that the Federal debt was spiraling upwards, or that the government was printing ever-more money to pay for government-created Covid-related expenses and social program giveaways instead of paying down the debt?

That’s some college degree you must have there, Chair Guy.  You fucking moron.

You’re “wrong”, and we’re being bent over the desk and raped by your mistake every time we go to the grocery store or try to pay down our credit card debt.

Fair Warning

I’m starting a new category today.  It’s called “Shootin’ Time”, and it has nothing to do with guns, per se.  Rather, it has to do with news items that makes one want to go to the guns and kill ’em all, the mood as exemplified in this pic:

…or, in a thumbnail:

Here’s a sample headline (no link because I can’t find the article and it doesn’t matter):

This will replace the old “Red Curtain Of Blood” tag because it’s become clear that nowadays, rage is insufficient;  what’s needed is bullets, and lots of ’em, to deal with the utter bastardy that confronts us.

Posts in this category will appear as often as I come across examples of the above.  There may be lots.