But From Where?

Here’s a little warning that cries out for some specifics:

Republican House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner has warned that the United States has hit its “highest level of a possible terrorist threat.”

Yeah, but from which terrorists, exactly?

ISIS?  Hamas?  Hezbollah?  Taliban?  Columbia students?  Antifa?  BLM?  Norks?  CAIR?  Red Army Faction? Muslim Students Association?  the Justice Department?

I’d like to know just whom I should be looking out for so I can make at least some preparations, instead of just adding a spare mag or two for the truck gun…

…not that this is ever a Bad Thing, necessarily.


  1. Gosh Kim, I hope you are just being your usual snarky self.

    All those “terrorists” you list are not any concern of the federales, I mean, just see how these groups are welcomed to U.S.S.A with open arms (and possibly actual arms).

    It is only the MAGA right wing extremist christian family units that concern them. You know, the ones that go to work, believe in a higher power, god given rights, almost never riot (see 1775), raise families and figure out how to survive no matter what SHTF.

    THOSE are the “terrorists” they warn of and their fear is that it is the feds that are going to lose their cushy feeding trough.

  2. I’m sure the people that DOJ are referring to will be the gun toting MAGA types who left their arsenals at home on 6 Jan 21.

  3. Nice AK, Kim. Mine’s set up very similarly. Just don’t tell the gummint how many rounds I’ve got stashed away for it. I don’t need any 4:00 AM SWAT raids at Chez Bucket.

  4. Just replace all those question marks in your list with commas (including the Oxford comma) and insert ” and” before “the Justice Department” to get a start on a realistic threat list.

  5. The question is not so much “who” as “when”.

    During the Biden mis-administration, when it will be unopposed (and unpunished), or Trump’s when the Leftists can scream “We told you so”?

  6. Anyone who hates the US.

    The CIA and Ukrainian intel funded and trained the shooters at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow. One of the terrorists was carrying GoPro footage of himself beheading a woman. The Russian Army soldier who captured him, after viewing the footage, cut off his ear and fed it to him.

    Did the CIA really think Putin wouldn’t return the funding favor?

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