Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

A couple of things occurred to me while reading this excellent report of some Midnight Rambler who got his body temperature lowered, but first, the facts:

A woman who lived next door to 26-year-old Justin William Wright woke up to find him standing in her bedroom after he broke in through a window. Then he attacked her.

Then she shot him, and then he died.

Now, if we were to give the Usual Suspects their moment in the sun, we would ordinarily be hearing wails of “Why didn’t she just shoot him in the leg?” and all that twaddle.  But of course we won’t hear that because DoublePlusEvil Man was involved, and she only a Pore Helpless Victim.

And yes, as the article points out, this was another example of someone being killed by someone they knew.  Well, yes.  And I’m willing to bet that even outside gang shootings (where everyone knows everybody), this kind of thing is more prevalent than the bald stats show.

Finally, score one for those people like me (and all my Readers) who want women to be armed, precisely in case of this kind of neighborly activity.

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Texas, baby.

There was nothing much to do at the scene, but to pronounce the suspected male dead.

And the details are even more tasty.  I love it when jealous assholes threaten women with violence and get ventilated.

Of the hundreds of women I’ve taught to shoot, nearly half were under threat from a jealous ex.  One was in such imminent danger that I gave her my Ruger Speed Six to take home with her that very day.

And when the asshole showed up a week later, she drew down on him and he ran like a frightened rabbit.  She never saw him again.

Hi, Patti.

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Here’s the story.  You’re treating an apartment complex’s parking lot as your own personal racetrack.  Some residents tell you to quit, because there are kids playing in the area.

You take umbrage at this infringement on your liberties and drive off, fetch your trusty AR-15 and start popping off at a crowd of people hanging out in said parking lot.  Being a lousy shot as well as a terrible driver, you miss everybody.

Then some woman decides to return fire with her handgun, whereupon you lose all interest in the proceedings because she’s a better shot than you, and you’re bleeding to death in your car.

I think I got all the salient details, but go here just in case.

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Don’t you just love it when tough old broads take care of much-younger assholes in a righteous manner?

A 70-year-old woman said she fired a warning shot after a stranger walked into her home Sunday afternoon and wouldn’t leave, before ultimately shooting him. The man died at the hospital.

Right on, Gammy.  Although the warning shot was an unnecessary precaution… still:

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Here’s how to be merciful:

A DeKalb County, Indiana, homeowner opened fire on four alleged robbers around 6 a.m. Sunday, killing two of them.

WPTA reports that the homeowner was asleep in his house when his dog’s barking awoke him. He then “saw three people in his home, later identified as 42-year-old Tabitha L. Johnson, Dylan Morefield…[and Rameica Moore].”

The homeowner claimed two of the people threatened him, allegedly holding a gun to his head.

After allegedly gathering a number of things to steal from the homeowner the robbers demanded money. He wrote them a check and was then able to get his hands on a shotgun and open fire.

His shotgun blasts killed Morefield and Moore.

He then walked Johnson outside the home at gunpoint, where he found a fourth alleged robber and held that individual at gunpoint as well.

Of course, he should have been able to whack all four;  but hey, I’ll take felony murder for the surviving goblins.

LOL looks as though you need more than four people to rob a house in rural Indiana…