Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

From several Readers comes this cheery little tale:

A suspected catalytic converter thief was shot dead by a concealed carry holder on the North Side late Wednesday, according to a source and initial information from Chicago police.


CWBChicago has learned that the dead man was on parole, and he was charged with illegally possessing a firearm two months ago — but state authorities decided not to revoke his parole, and he was released back onto the streets.

Read the whole report.  Doesn’t look like Our Hero is going to be charged, though.

I have to tell you that I used to live in Lakeview, but East Lakeview (next to Lake Michigan);  West Lakeview was an extremely pleasant part of town back then, and I could quite easily have lived there had we not found our wonderful apartment when we did.  I guess the scumbags are migrating…

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Sent to me by several Readers, this joyful story:

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the 77-year-old was in his garage when a vehicle pulled up and the alleged robber exited and “demanded his belongings.”
The 77-year-old, a concealed carry permit holder, drew his gun and opened fire, striking the alleged robber in the head and chest.
The Chicago Police Department noted that the shots proved fatal.

Mozambique, baby!

Best part:

“Offender was also using a vehicle that was carjacked yesterday.”

… just to help him get to choir practice, of course.

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Guy gets fired, is pissed off about it, goes home, fetches a gun, goes back to his former place of employment and starts voicing his grievance by shooting people.

This being rural Nebraska, however, there just happens to be a shotgun lying around, so the aggrieved assumes room temperature, but sadly, only after killing two people.

Of course, had he not looked down the naughty end of a shotgun, there’s no telling how many more people he’d have killed because as usual, the police were miles away — but that’s not the way it’ll be reported.

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

I love stories like this one:

[A] North Dakota woman understood that, and even after taking out an order of protection against her on-again, off-again boyfriend after he allegedly assaulted her and threatened to kill her, she chose to have friends around in case her ex showed up at her apartment.

One of said friends happened to be packing a .357 Mag revolver when the off-again boyfriend showed up with malice in his heart, and the rest is history.

For true justice to take place, however, there should also be some kind of legal penalty for the asshole judge who let this choirboy out on parole, despite a history of violence.