No Screwing Around

At some point, you’d think that scumbags  choirboys in Texas would get the hint that their little undocumented wealth redistribution plans may be a little more complicated here than they would be, say, in San Francisco or Portland.  But no:

Texas authorities say an armed customer intervened during the attempted robbery of a fried chicken fast food restaurant, fatally wounding one gunman and sending a second suspect struck by gunfire to the hospital.


Texas man chased down carjacker who dragged woman to her death

The story of the second one, while tragic, is noteworthy because without Our Hero, the cops would probably still be looking for the goblin.  Instead, he faces the needle because there was a witness to the killing, and under Texas law he goes straight to the head of the line.

And it’s getting more difficult in other states, too:

An alleged home intruder attacked an armed homeowner in Atlanta, Georgia, Monday afternoon and was shot and killed.

He was inside the guy’s house, where he assumed room temperature after being ventilated.  There’s no “alleged” about it.

And in Kansas:

KWCH reports that the incident occurred about 7 p.m., and the suspect allegedly started by pounding on a door at a neighbor’s house.
The suspect then focused on a second home, where the armed homeowner called the police and asked them to come quickly because he did not want to have to shoot the man. But the suspect allegedly kept attacking.
The homeowner said, “[He] threw 2 bricks through my window and tried to crawl through in my window and told me he was going to kill me and kinds of other things. So, unfortunately, I had to shoot him.”

Nothing unfortunate about it, old son;  the son of a bitch sounds like he needed killing.  Sadly, he’s only “critical”, but we can hope.  Anyway, for all these heroes:

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Hey, it doesn’t always have to be a gun…

A Missouri boy fatally shot an alleged thief with an arrow after catching the man trying to steal a tractor on a family friend’s property, authorities said Tuesday.
The unidentified juvenile, whose age has not been released, was walking toward a tree stand where he planned to hunt deer with a bow and arrows when he saw the suspected intruder stealing a lawn tractor and wood splitter from the property Friday afternoon, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.
The boy called his father and a confrontation ensued between the two adults, authorities said. During the incident, the suspect allegedly ran toward the juvenile, the boy’s family told investigators at the scene.
The family’s attorney said the young hunter warned the man several times to stop and was “in fear of his safety” as the accused thief came closer, according to the sheriff’s office. The man apparently did not stop, so the boy released an arrow that fatally struck him, authorities said.
The suspected thief was identified as 40-year-old Michael Stotts. The juvenile shooter was not taken into custody, but the investigation is ongoing.
Authorities said the property has been the site of several recent thefts.

Not any more, it won’t be.

Running towards a young Missouri bowhunter in a threatening manner?  Darwin in action, bubba.

I bet it’s not his first one-shot kill, either.

Dept. of Righteous Shootings

Kinda skimpy on details, but:

An alleged robber is hospitalized in Houston, Texas, after being shot in the face Wednesday by an armed citizen.

If we’re going to get all legal and stuff, I think it should read “An alleged robber is hospitalized in Houston, Texas, after being shot in the face Wednesday with an alleged bullet.”

I’m just surprised that the choirboy survived, which is why we need to know stuff like what chambering was used, where in the face was he shot, etc.

We citizens need to know all this, so that we can make adjustments for the next time we are confronted by an alleged armed robber who pulls out an alleged gun and asks us nicely to hand over our possessions.

But in the meantime, for Our Hero:

Texas, Baby

Let’s hear it for the folks in Fort Worth:

Texas Crowd Stones Gunman to Death After Fatal Shooting

A man allegedly opened fire and killed at least one person at a Fort Wort, Texas, party on Monday morning, prompting the other attendees to reportedly stone the alleged shooter to death at the scene.

I’m just surprised that he wasn’t shot, this being Fort Worth, but I guess that we could call this a Righteous Stoning…

Thanks to several people for sending me the link.

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Same old story:  guy misbehaves on the road, gets pissy when he’s nearly knocked over, decides to get all shooty, and instead is shot dead by the innocent driver in self-defense.

As soon as you’ve stopped applauding, feel free to guess the race of the corpus delicti.  Clue:  his name is JaDerek Gray, and he was no doubt on his way to choir practice.

Carry on;  nothing more to see here.  Fort Worth, baby.