All Your Kid Are Belong To Us

From the Department of Child Abuse comes this cheery little thought:

Teachers know what is best for their kids because they are with them every day.
We must trust teachers.
— Secretary Miguel Cardona

Yeah… trust our kids with teachers.  Like this teacher, or this teacher, or this teacher, ad seemingly infinitum.

Now let’s talk about teachers showing kids porno in classrooms…

Frankly, when it comes to criminal abuse by authority figures, I see little difference between fucking a kid’s body and fucking up a kid’s mind with this evil shit.

Glenn said it best:  leaving your kids in the care of the public school system is nothing short of child abuse.

And they’re not even being educated — except, it seems, with trannie agitprop and blowjob lessons in the curriculum.


Homeschoolers are almost always grilled about their kids not learning “socialization skills” at home.

Uh huh.  In an article headlined “Teacher, 23, snuck into pupil’s home for sordid sex romp while his parents were away“, we see the associated links:

Well, I guess that does classify as socialization… I mean, “sex romps” says it all, really.

En passant:  “snuck”?  In a newspaper headline?

No Longer Guesswork

I was going to play our “Guess The Race?” game with this link, but it’s becoming too much of a slam dunk:

A mob of ninth-grade students has beaten up an assistant principal in Texas, who had to be rushed to hospital with serious head injuries.
The pupils at Westfield High School in Spring, 20 miles north of Houston, pummeled the administrator to the ground as she tried to break up a fight. 

…and the pics answer the question.

Oh, and the response?

“We take the safety of our students and staff very seriously, and there will be no tolerance for any altercations or disruptions to learning at any of our schools.” 

Let me know when these animals are charged with assault, and I might start believing you.

Punching Back

Long ago, I went to pick the then-6-year-old Son&Heir up from his Catholic school’s after-school care, and found him sitting alone in the corner of the room.

One of the volunteer mommies told me that he’d been isolated for “fighting”.  Now, he wasn’t (and still isn’t) a fighter — unlike his Dad — so I called him over and asked for his side of the story.  Here’s what ensued.

“Ryan was picking on me, I told him to stop it but he didn’t, and when I turned away from him, he hit me in the back.  So I shouted at him to stop it and walked away again, but he followed me, so I hit him on the face — just like you told me to do.”
I turned to the supervisor and said, “Yeah, I did that.  I told him that if he’s being bullied, to try to get way from the bully, but if the bully comes after him, to hit the bully as hard as he can.”
“Well,” said the woman, “we don’t allow fighting in daycare.”
“But you do allow bullying, from the looks of it.”
“We didn’t see him being bullied.”
“So you admit that your supervision was a failure, in other words.”
“No, we just didn’t see anything.”
“But my son already said he shouted at Ryan, and Ryan was hitting him.  So you didn’t hear the shouting, and you didn’t see the fighting — which seems to me to be a failure on your part — and you didn’t do anything until Ryan came over with a bleeding nose.”
“Well — ”
“Did you bother to ask my son what the fighting was about?  You didn’t, did you?  This is the first time you’ve heard about the bullying, in other words.”
“We still can’t allow fighting.”
“Okay;  so what do you want me to do about all this?  Give my son a beating when we get home?”
“Oh no no no, we don’t want that.  We just want him to obey the rules.”
“He will, I promise you.  As long as you tell Ryan about the no-bullying rule.”  And I turned to the Son&Heir.  “Come on, boy.  Get your stuff and let’s go home.”
“Am I in trouble?”
“No;  how could you be in trouble for doing exactly what I told you to do?”

We never heard a peep from the school.

All that was recalled from Ye Olde Memorie Bankes by this article.


In which we see the goals of the Left:

Irene Montero, a Communist who is the Minister of Equality in the left-wing Podemos government in Spain, says the quiet part out loud: that equality means children have the right to have sex if they want to.


This is it. This is the end game of these queer theorists and gender ideologues: the sexualization of children. It was always going to end up here. This is what all these drag queen story hours mean, and these “family-friendly drag shows”. It’s all about sexualizing children and grooming them to become prey for pedophiles — sorry, “Minor-Attracted Persons.”

Did they even go this far in Weimar Germany?

Fuck me, not even the Soviet Union dared to go this far.  I think we need to go Full Hungarian (see article).  Otherwise:

Walls.  Machine guns.  Child mutilators.  Queer theorists and gender ideologues.

Some assembly required.

Or:  the new Republican House and Senate can grow some balls and start making Hungarian-style federal laws next year, instead of wasting their time in pointless impeachments of President Braindead.

Don’t hold your breath.