Ah yes, using inequity to try to achieve equity:

Universities ‘will give poorer pupils priority’: Private school teenagers will get short shrift in admissions as colleges look to prioritise the disadvantaged

This time, it’s not choosing Blacks over Whites, but poor over wealthy.  Yup, I can just see how this will help the poor overcome the “systemic bias” of the British education system.  It’s the academic version of the “magic dirt” theory:  that somehow, exposing the poor to better education will somehow raise all of them into successful careers after graduation.

Now, I agree that the earlier system of admissions — whereby the son of Lord Snotnose-Dribbling was guaranteed a place at Oxbridge simply he was the future Earl of Dunfartin.  But let’s be honest, here:  private school education tends to produce better students than state-managed warehouses do.  And yes, it’s unfair that a scion of a wealthy (or titled) man should have easier access to places like Eton or Harrow than those of a fishmonger in Whitechapel, ergo  a better chance of getting into, say, Cambridge.  But denying the “privileged” a place at university in favor of poorer individuals whose grades are worse than the former isn’t much better, is it?

Once again, they’re expecting equality of outcome by “equalizing” admission, when any fool will tell you from experience that it’s a fool’s pursuit.

But the Left have never allowed commonsense, history and logic to interfere with their stupid philosophy, have they?

Deceit And Coverup

Via Insty comes this latest bastardy, in Eureka MO just west of St. Louis:

Faced with complaints from parents about the indoctrination of children, an official in Rockwood School District, Missouri, instructed teachers to create two sets of curriculum: a false one to share with parents, and then the real set of curriculum, focused on topics like activism and privilege.

I should point out that the foul “educator” who sent out this loathsome message is, like First Lady Jill Biden, a Doctor in Education (EdD).

And the next time someone tells me that homeschooling is wrong for children, I’m going to punch them in the face.


A constant whine among stupid people — professors and students alike — is that Literature classes should no longer have to read Shakespeare because he’s “not relevant to today’s world” or some such nonsense.

Now I can understand why students whine about reading Shakespeare, because they’re ignorant and immature, and “that’s not English, dude” — IDK wht u sez LOL — as though if it’s not “modern” then it’s not worth learning.

I will also disregard the usual cant about Shakespeare being beyond the pale because he’s, like, old and a Dead White Male Patriarch to boot.

Over at Taki’s place, David Cole has written an absolute masterpiece on Aaron, the arch-villian in Titus Andronicus  (one of my favorite of all the Bard’s works, because if you think that Brian De Palma is the be-all and end-all of violent writing, Andronicus  has him beaten by a country mile).

What Cole proves (as though any proof were needed) is just how relevant Shakespeare is in today’s world.  And what Shakespeare proves is that when it comes to the human condition, there’s very little new under the sun.

Go there now and read it all.

And then read Titus Andronicus, for the full treatment of malevolence and violence.

Education Funding

From Insty:

Among other things, education money should go to parents, not to schools.  Public schools should have to compete with private schools and homeschoolers for students and funds.

I know what happens when this kind of thing is proposed:  “ZOMG the parents will just spend the money on cigarettes / booze / [insert indulgence of choice] !”

And some would. But a vast majority wouldn’t — so once again, the many are punished for the stupidity of the few.

A better idea might be instead to lower tax rates so that people could keep more of their own money, and spend it on the education of the children.  Of all the baleful “benefits” first instituted by Napoleon and Otto von Bismarck, “free” schooling (subsidized by the State) is one of the worst.

No Comment Necessary

Best opening in a news article*:

This week, Matt Meyer did what many parents long to do. He dropped off his kid at school. That’s unusual in Berkeley, California, where he lives, because the schools there have been closed for a year, and the teachers’ union adamantly opposes their reopening. Parents like Mr. Meyer who can afford private schools, which are mostly open, send their kids there. His child has been there since last June. So he dropped off his child and drove off to his job.
His job is head of the Berkeley teachers’ union. His main task there is to keep the public schools closed for everyone else.

[insert “fucking hypocrite” joke here]

*so far.  “Barack Obama dies painfully” would beat it.