Teacher, Teacher

Via Insty, I see that another teacher at the same school has been canned for her side gig:

A second teacher at a small Missouri high school has landed in hot water for supplementing her income by peddling porn on OnlyFans — after a student slipped a note under her classroom door that they “knew her secret,” according to a report.

Megan Gaither, 31, an English teacher and varsity cheerleading coach at St. Clair High School, told the Post-Dispatch that she was put on leave Friday after her X-rated moonlighting job was revealed.

Gaither said she joined the subscription-based site in May to help pay back more than $125,000 in student loans. Her total pay last year, including a coaching stipend, was about $47,500, the paper reported.

Her colleague Brianna Coppage, a former freshman and sophomore English teacher at the school, recently resigned to devote all her time to porn after she was placed on leave when it was revealed she was running an OnlyFans page with her husband.

It’s only fans fair to see what all the fuss is about:

I know:  cue the “They didn’t look like that back in the day when I was using a quill to write on papyrus!”  wails.

My question is of a different nature.  How the hell did she expect to pay back $125,000 in student loans on a teacher’s salary anyway?  (Corollary:  what kind of non-medical / legal degree ends up costing well over a hundred grand?)

Look, I’m no prude, but I am a realist.  The appearance of subscriber sites like OnlyFans has given women a non-academic economic opportunity.  Low up-front cost (a camera, access to a streaming outlet) and away we go.

Granted, one needs to have a fairly relaxed set of morals and (perhaps) a willing partner (or two, if we’re going to get really adventurous).  But given the apparent lack of modesty and morality among young women today, that doesn’t seem to be much of a problem.

And being even more realistic, an OnlyFans gig is a million times safer than other prostitution options, which involve walking the streets and being at risk from all those Green River Killer wannabes, not to mention the chances of being abducted and sold to some Arab in a Gulf state.

At least we have equal opportunity here, among women anyway.  Unlike a “straight” movie career, looks aren’t that important because, let’s face it, there are no limits to male depravity — okay, male tastes — in this kind of thing.  Even someone who looks like Hillary Clinton will find a willing (and paying) audience in the “GILF” world.

Sorry about that, but you get my point.  Even the most hardened, tattooed and pierced chick is going to be guaranteed an audience that is not confined to still pics on hotbikerbabes.com;  in fact, that seems to be a positive advantage.

Anyway, before this post turns into a treatise, I deplore the fact that people who are supposedly “educating” our kids academically are in fact giving them another kind of education altogether.  Witness the fact that somehow, the little sneaks in the above article seemed to have had no problem in not only finding and identifying Teacher Dearest on OnlyFans — a whole ‘nother topic all by itself:  what the fuck were teenage boys doing on OnlyFans?  where did they get the money?  where were their parents? — but these boys were apparently going to blackmail the hapless teachers (which has happened before).

For all the opprobrium heaped on the religious schools of yore (I know, lust-filled Catholic priests and nuns with rulers blah blah blah), I can’t help thinking that Napoleon had a point:  let the Church educate children until age 12, and then toss the little shits out into the world to earn a living, was his dictum,  Certainly, cossetting them in schools until age 24 (which is what we have today) doesn’t seem to be working that well for them either.

It’s a little sad to think that the kids in the above pic are going to end up with untold thousands in tuition debt, and only the girl on the end is going to have the OnlyFans option to pay it off.

On the other hand, maybe that’s all they deserve.


  1. From other articles on the OF phenomenon we learn a few things

    1) The “average” account is paid about $180 per month, and that’s after the few huge accounts drag that average up, meaning that most OF accounts are well below even that paltry amount.

    2) The average length of time that a consumer subscribes to any given “content creator” is 2 months.

    From these 2 data points we can deduce that:

    A) These articles highlight exceptions (or are lying through their teeth about how much money is made)

    B) OF doesn’t care about any given content creator, only that there’s always “another one” for a consumer to change their subscription over to.

    C) These articles are actually paid advertising for OF in order to encourage more women to sign up.

    As an aside, we can also deduce that your contention that “any woman” can simply go on OF and make enough money to pay off much of anything is not actually valid.

    As a second aside, I have some personal experience with this — one of my daughters decided to go with the whole “I’m bisexual yet non-binary” craze sweeping the country. She amassed over 150,000 followers on Tiktok with that schtick, then opened an OF account and used her Tiktok to drive people over to her OF (where she “presented female”). I don’t know how much money she made from it, but she bragged that she “[was] making more than my stepdad” (who I know was making about $80K per year) from doing it. She did something that got her Toktok account banned, though, and her OF account immediately dried up, as without that external “marketing” she had no way to keep up the influx of new subscribers needed to sustain the 2-month churn, and thus she closed down her account as there wasn’t any point to her keeping it active anymore.

    From knowing this, my opinion is cemented that any article that states that someone is “OF and making [insert number larger than $2,000 here]” that it’s all BS and simply a recruitng ad for OF.

    FWIW, the 2 teachers shown in this article are also far above the average level of attractiveness I see in these long-form ads too. Most of the women look downright nasty to my eye.

    1. Good info. I wondered about the money too. With all the free porn out there, why would anyone pay for it? And yeah, there’s a reason Playboy (and other mags) has a different centerfold each month. After 30 days of wanking to the same pics, most men/boys are ready for new material. A 2 month average subscription sounds about right.

  2. Won’t be long before sites like OnlyFans eliminate the need for real life talent though. Some clever coder/pimp can have a stable of girls and boys, tailored to the customers taste. As long as the credit card is good they are available all the time and can say yes to anything.

  3. > But given the apparent lack of modesty and morality among
    > young women today, that doesn’t seem to be much of a problem.

    There have always been young (and not so young) women who were willing to display their assets for money. What we are seeing now with Onlyfans, PornHub and other sites is that there’s a LOT more than we thought. Hell, some of they just like to show off.

    > Unlike a “straight” movie career,

    Yeah, because the “casting couch” wasn’t a thing.

    > Witness the fact that somehow, the little sneaks in the above article
    > seemed to have had no problem in not only finding and
    > identifying Teacher Dearest on OnlyFans

    They probably didn’t go looking, they probably just found it. Or the “models” posted promotional pictures on Reddit or some other site that the kids use and came across it there, with links to their onlyfans account

    > what the fuck were teenage boys doing on OnlyFans?

    The same thing I was doing at their age with the stack of Playboys and Penthouses that my dad had (bare) hidden up in his closet.

    > where did they get the money?

    Someone gives Jr. a pre-paid visa card. Junior uses the card to pay for onlyfans. Junior then sells access to his OF account for cash. Uses the cash to refill the visa card. Or he has visa/mastercard debit card that his parents don’t watch too closely. Or at all.

    > where were their parents?

    Same place Parents have always been. In the other room, at a church meeting, working late.

    Most teen pregnancies aren’t from kids groping in the car between the movie and getting home. Most teen pregnancies are started between 3pm and 5pm. When kids are home from school, but parents are still working.

  4. > My question is of a different nature. How the hell did she expect to pay back $125,000 in student loans on a teacher’s salary anyway?

    “Math is hard!”

    Education schools don’t exactly attract the best and brightest. I’d imagine it’s not particularly difficult to gull them into vastly overpaying for their degrees.

    1. I think a lot of people at high school and college age are just incredibly naïve about real world finances and the cost of just living. Most kids in that age range have never even had a part-time job, much less purchased their own car, or paid for insurance, or covered even a small medical bill (all things I had done before 18). The giant influx of illegals has soaked up all the entry and minimum wage jobs that used to be covered by teenagers, but that’s a whole other topic.

      But even going back to the 80’s and 90’s, my wife had really no idea of what a household budget entailed. “WE NEED NEW FURNITURE”, she’d insist. Didn’t matter that we hadn’t saved any money, or still owed on a credit card for whatever else had come up. “Put it on a card and pay it off next month” was her reply. I’d counter that we’d be paying it off for the next 5 years cause we couldn’t afford it and her eyes would just glaze over. She just assumed that a steady paycheck meant unlimited options.

      I’d lay dollars to donuts the two fillies above had Daddy cover all living expenses until and probably after graduation and were shocked – SHOCKED – at how expensive it was to pay rent, buy groceries, cover electric and water bills, etc.

      1. There may not even be a $100K + Student Loan Debt, excluding Medical or Law degrees, but they are complaining about the high cost of living on their own without daddy’s money as a supplement.

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