Classic Beauty: Martha Hyer

Hmmmm another Texas girl, this time Fort Worth’s Martha Hyer, the impossibly-beautiful ice-cold blonde actress whose career spanned the late 1940s through the late 1960s.

Yeah, for the Safety Nazis complaining about the finger on the trigger:  relax, Francis.  It’s a single-action un-cocked revolver.

Anyway, someone that beautiful can hold a gun any damn way she wants.

Classic Beauty: Linda Darnell

If ever there was an actress who got crucified on the twin crosses of a pushy showbiz mother and a horny studio executive, that would be Dallas girl Linda Darnell (her story here).  Her life could also be entitled:  “Nice Girls Finish Last”, because the one thing about her that everyone ever agreed on was what a sweetie she was.

However, that’s not the story here.  These pics are:

Because she’d been one of the youngest actresses to play adult women — she was barely 16 at the time she started — her movies didn’t show off her figure, and most especially not her legs (which were spectacular).

And when some more “grownup” pictures of her were published:

…she was promptly voted one of the “Four Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood” (alongside Hedy Lamarr, Ingrid Bergman, and Gene Tierney — pretty exalted company).

Hardly surprising.

Random Totty, July 4th Edition

…Mrs. Harry Hamlin, at 60.

...lost her virginity at age 14.  Why are we not surprised?

…as seen on OnlyFans.

…who says she’ll NEVER take Ozempic to lose weight.

...not yer Heidi from the children’s story.

...a Real (?) Housewife.

…must have just missed an easy putt.

From top:  Lisa Rinna, Emma Hernan, Leah McSweeney, Blanca Blanco, Heidi Montag, Alexis Bellino (bellisima, surely?), Paige Spirinac, the rest unknown.

Let Freedom Ring

…or to be more specific, Let The Girls Swing.  Some middle-aged tart thinks that British women should be more like their French counterparts when it comes to going topless:

British women, after all, still get remarkably hot and bothered over the concept of being ‘beach body ready’, as if the very idea of displaying the female form is inherently sexist or objectifying. 

At that time, I had lived in France for 14 years and, in my view, British women rather overthink all this, while the French just get on with topping up their tans. 

Let’s not even talk about American women’s attitude to the above topic.  The Puritan spirit lives on…

As a red-blooded heterosexual man, I could easily smirk and urge Teh Wimmens to follow the suggestions of Miss Brick, because anyone familiar with these pages knows that I am an unashamed admirer of les seins impressionnants, as witnessed by my frequent paeans of praise for this part of the female anatomy as personified by proud breast-bearers such as Salma Hayek, Nigella Lawson, Carole Vorderman et al.

I think you get the picture(s).

I also know that there are the Fussy Ones out there — the people who might whine that if toplessness were to be confined to such as the above, everything would be dandy.

“But FFS Kim,” they say, “there are an awful lot of women out there who shouldn’t be displaying their uncovered frontage!”

I say this:  if in the name of our Second Amendment freedoms I can put up with ugly-ass guns like Glock or H&K, then we men should be similarly accommodating to the occasional sight of, shall we say, less than ideal examples of womanly pulchritude.

In other words, to quote Derek Robinson, just relax and enjoy your problem.  I also say that if we get the chance to see things like this:

…we should accept the fact that we will occasionally be exposed to this:

You may call it whatever you want, but I just think of it as

,,,and we all know how important that is, n’est ce pas?

In fact, for the month of July, all Caption Competitions will feature pictures of naked women.  That’s how strongly I feel about it.

Oh How Charming

From Dubai-on-Thames:

The tallest skyscraper in London that will rival the Shard is set to begin construction next week. 

Planning for 1 Undershaft began eight years ago but today City Corporation planning officers have finally recommended it for approval ahead of a committee meeting next Tuesday.

Towering at 74 floors, the architectural masterpiece would be built between other east London landmarks, the Cheesegrater and the Gherkin.

Apparently it’s not quite a done deal:

It will still need final sign off from Mayor Sadiq Khan and the next Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Secretary.

“Levelling Up”?  What kind of fucking title is that?

Never a radical Muslim asshole with a stolen airliner when you actually need one, is there?