Next Year In Goodwood

…not Jerusalem (with apologies to Tribe Readers).

If there is one motoring event I want to attend — yeah, even more than the F1 GP at Spa Francorchamps — it is the Goodwood Revival weekend event, which took place last weekend.  For those who are not familiar with the festivities, it is an annual event wherein respect is paid to times gone by in the automotive world, and it could also be called a long, large costume party, as people are encouraged to wear clothes from a bygone era.  I even have clothing picked out for the occasion.

Before we look at the cars, though, let’s look at a sample of attendees from this year’s event:

And my absolute favorite outfit, for all the best reasons:

But enough of the finery;  let’s get on with the real stuff, starting with the grid girls:

And they’re off!

Finally:  it’s not all about cars, you know…

This is #1 on Ye Olde Buckette Lyst.

Next year, I promise.


One of my favorite online reads is Powerline’s Week In Pictures, because it’s topical and funny as all hell.

However, their last pic typically features a beautiful woman holding a gun (which is a good thing), but she’s almost always dressed in tacticool gear, e.g. this week’s offering (scroll down to the end):

…which all well and good, if that’s what gets you going.

Myself, I prefer the more realistic country look:

Yeah, I’m old-fashioned.

Glaring Omission

An email from Longtime Reader Preussenotto reads:

Still loving your blog, but I have to take issue with something I have noticed.  There has been an appalling lack of Barbara Eden pictures for some time. Please correct this at your earliest convenience.  Regards,

I thought something has been missing…

Hope that redresses the shortage somewhat.

Really Sad

I was sorry to hear about the death of Markie Post, the much put-upon defense attorney in the Night Court  TV series.

So what better way to celebrate her passing away by remembering her as the hottie she once was, rather than as a cancer victim at age 70?

…and my favorite pic of Markie:

“Why is that your favorite, Kim?”

‘Nuff said.

Vroom Vroom

As the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix is about to start, I’ll look to another kind of racing altogether, that being off-road rally competition.

And so we come to Madalena Antas of Portugal.  Lest anyone think she’s just a pretty face, she specializes in desert-type rallies (e.g. the Dakar Rally, the deadliest race in the world).

She does have another side, however:

All that and a world-class driver as well… [sigh]