So there I was, all ready to defy that stupid restraining order (I mean, it’s been over ten years, come on) to go and see Nigella Lawson live in Dallas, when this happened:

Nigella Lawson shared an apology video to social media on Thursday after she was forced to cancel her scheduled live show, An Evening With Nigella Lawson, in Dallas.

The television chef and writer, 62, suffered airport woes as her flight to the U.S state was cancelled last minute, leaving her at the airport for five hours.

Personally, I blame the bloody airline involved (probably American, to judge from their “Fuck you so what?” response).

And to think that I was THISclose to being THISclose to Nigella…

I need Breakfast Gin II.

Barmaid Part Deux

I am forced to watch the foul Great British Bake Off TV show because New Wife loves it, otherwise I would never have heard of block-faced Paul Hollywood (which is, by the way, an excellent porn star name).

Anyway, said celebrity has apparently got engaged (again) to some barmaid totty:

…who is okay, although I have to confess that I preferred his earlier barmaid squeeze:

…because she’s a redhead, natch.

Yeah, you figured it out:  I’m not at all interested in Paul Hollywood’s love life, and this was just an excuse to post chick pics.

Anyway, you may now carry on with your day.

Classic Beauty: Norma Talmadge

Back to the silent movies we go, with actress (and later producer) Norma Talmadge:

You know, my problem with all the stars of this era is that the pics were so stylized that very little of the actresses’ character shone through (which is why so many of them look so alike).  Here, for example, is a much later pic of Norma, taken when she was (I think) in her late fifties, and the difference is astonishing:


Novel Fundraiser

Wow, here’s an interesting one, from a Florida Girl no less:

Bryce Adams is no stranger to sexy snaps – and has shot to success by filming bonks with her boyfriend, which they share on the adult subscription site.  However, getting frisky for fans is not the only ingredient to the natural beauty’s success.

The 29-year-old, from Florida in the US, has an ‘authentic’ approach to the adult industry.

She documents all parts of her life – even petting her cat (no innuendo intended) – and the non-sexual content has helped her to build up a huge community of fans. 

Her followers include those in the Armed Forces, which has spurred her on to raise more than $70,000 (£61,000) for charity.

Bryce is grateful for the men and women of her country, who put their lives on the line so wanted to show her gratitude in her own unique way.

And so she decided to take her clothes off to raise money for Veterans Day (Friday 11 November).

She asked her 24,000 Twitter followers to retweet her naughty snaps – and for every retweet, she will donate $1 for veterans of the armed forces.

Bryce explained: “Veterans Day is near and dear to my heart.  I appreciate veterans and I thought, hey this is a totally different way for me to try and connect and support the veterans.

I know, you’re too lazy to follow the link…

Good for her, say I.


In my innocence, I always imagined that evolution was a Good Thing, in that v.2.0 would always be an improved version of v.1.9.9, and so on.  (Of course, that belief has been massively degraded by having to deal with software companies, but that’s for another time.)

I understand, therefore, that evolution is not necessarily an improvement, but by and large it has proven to be so — a 2021 Corvette is a much better car than its 1961 ancestor, at least mechanically speaking.  As for its shape?  I’ll let you decide:

Regardless of the shape change (ugh), I think we can agree that the 2021 model performs much better than the 1961 model, mechanically speaking, because let’s be honest, engine technology, materials and things like suspension- and brake technology are better now than they were sixty years ago.  And even the modern shape is no doubt far more efficient in terms of air management than the older one, so at least there’s that.

Now let’s talk about guns.  Here we have a situation where the technology has hardly changed at all, materials have improved somewhat, but (say) a .22 pistol’s operation and efficiency have stayed pretty much the same.

So sixty-odd years ago we had .22 pistols that looked like the High Standard and Beretta:


…which, I think we can all agree, did an excellent job of putting the boolet into its intended destination.  Modern pistols, of course, do just as good a job of that — pistols like the FN and SIG:


…but for all their improved technology and materials, they somehow end up looking like a dog’s ass.

To return to the cars for a moment, it’s as though the Corvette:

…somehow ended up looking like this:

I know, I can hear y’all now:  “The old fart’s lost it again, jabbering about the Good Ole Days.”

Yeah, maybe.

But I’d still rather own a Beretta 101 than any of the current crop of .22 hand-bricks.

And to wrap this whole train of thought up, I want somebody to explain how ideals of female beauty like this:

…have somehow evolved into this:

Same form, same basic functions between the two models… but ugh.  No thank you.