Well, Now

…are we heading back to the 1980s, pox-wise?

The world faces a monkeypox pandemic — said pandemic having originated not in Wuhan this time, but in Africa, the traditional ground zero for most shitty modern-day plagues and illnesses — such as HIV/AIDS.

But wait! there’s more!  Let’s look at the breadcrumbs:

The U.K.´s Health Security Agency said Monday there were now 470 cases of monkeypox across the country, with the vast majority in gay or bisexual men.  According to U.K. data, 99% of the cases so far have been in men and most are in London.


First monkeypox patient to go public is a gay HR manager from London who was deported from Dubai just weeks ago for testing positive for HIV


American man, 48, vacationing at a Mexican resort for gay men fled a Puerto Vallarta hospital after being told that he might have monkeypox: He flew to Texas where he tested positive for the highly infectious virus

Of course (just as with AIDS), there’s the obligatory warning for heterosexuals:

Scientists warn that anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, is susceptible to catching monkeypox if they are in close, physical contact with an infected person or their clothing or bed sheets.

…which is true, of course, but unless you’ve been sleeping in some fegelah‘s unwashed sheets or snogging his boyfriend, your chances of catching this latest little present from Africa seem to be remote.

And of course, the CDC is ever ready to play its part in this maskirovka, putting out a pamphlet like this one, which depicts (surprise!) a hetero couple and not someone from Greenwich Village.

Even our old ‘Rona friend, the oh-so scientific (not) “6 feet apart” rule, has made a comeback.

What a load of crock.  Needless to say, the Covidocrats are just itching [sic]  for some new pretense to lock us all down again, but it ain’t gonna work this time.

No Kidding

I didn’t need any damn study to tell me this:

A new peer-reviewed study found that the protection from Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine against the Omicron variant fades in just a week after receiving the second and third dose.

Both New Wife and I got the OmiGodicron thing about a month after we got our second vaccination.

The next time some asswipe gummint flunky tells me that I need another vaccination, I’m gonna tell him/her/it to fuck off.

I’ve had more pricks than Madonna, and I have sneaking suspicion that none of them were necessary, nor effective.

What Bullshit

Apparently, every ailment now means you have caught the ‘Rona:

Body aches, a runny nose and diarrhoea are among the nine new signs of Covid that have been added to the NHS symptom list.

The health service quietly expanded its list of all the tell-tale signs of the virus to also include a loss of appetite, feeling or being sick and a headache.

So now basically Covid has become the trawling net for all sickness, ergo the means whereby we could be isolated, locked down or similarly oppressed for having a cold, the flu, an upset stomach or being hung over.

Nationalized Healthcare

Here we go again:

Police probing a brutal mother-blaming hospital trust at the centre of the biggest ever maternity scandal to strike the NHS are now investigating 600 cases.
A damning five-year inquiry, published today, revealed 201 babies and nine mothers died needlessly during a two-decade spell of appalling care at the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust.

By the way, guess why these assholes would push [sic]  natural childbirth?  Because that’s a cheaper option than Caesarian (C-section) birth.

And with Government, it’s always about cost, not quality.

Back To Business

Man, that was a stinker of a head cold.  New Wife got it first, no doubt from one of the little petri dishes at the school, and it took her a week to get over it.  On her last day of recovery, I came down with it and it kicked my ass all over the place.

Only yesterday did I feel anything like in decent shape to go out in the car and run errands, and today I feel ready to take on the world, albeit in somewhat-enfeebled fashion.

Thanks for putting up with the reduced and, if I may say, mediocre content of the past week, and my bad / indifferent mood.

Normal programming should resume as of today.  And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m heading off to the range.

So Much For That

New Wife just came out from an Omigodicron episode.  As she described it:  “Three days of a bad flu”, and I knew she was better on Day 4 when she did the washing and ironing, and made me clean the kitchen floor and take out the trash.

Of course, she had the Covid vaccine in December (as did I), so there we go.

And despite us living together, sleeping together and all that stuff, I haven’t got sick (so far).


Update:  Just had a chat with Doc Russia.  Apparently he’s recently diagnosed scores of patients with Covid at his ER, but hasn’t had to admit a single one.