Quote Of The Day

From some medical bloke:

“You can still get COVID, potentially [after having been vaccinated]. But if you do get it, it’s not severe at all.”

As it happens, I was just chatting with Mr. Free Market yesterday, and he informed me that he’d been diagnosed with the Delta-‘Rona.

When I asked him what it was like, the answer was:  “Rugby club hangover.  Piece of cake.”  (Translation:  you feel like utter crap for about twenty four hours, then much better on day two, and by day three you’re back to swilling Ginger Macs, just with a bit of a cough — which is where he was when I spoke to him.)

In other words:  it’s like a bronchial flu.

Carry on.

Yeah, We Know

Via Insty (link in pic):

The only time I’m going to be wearing a mask is if I decide to avail myself of the federal government’s free housing and medical care program by robbing a bank.

Other than that, they can all fuck off, especially bastards like these:

…not that I’m likely to go to either shithole, of course — but Trader Joe is especially on my watch list.

No Kidding

Via Insty:

Read my lips: We’re not going back to masks and lockdowns again

Thankfully I live in Texas, where the state government isn’t entirely run by power-hungry assholes like those in California and New York, to name but two.  Which means that this mask foolishness is unlikely to get any traction except by members of the Perpetually Fearful Set, who are concentrated in Democrat hell-holes like Austin and suburban north Dallas.   The mommies shopping at Trader Joe can wear a dozen masks at a time for all I care;  I’ll just shop in my normal manner.  (And if Trader Joe starts that “only ten people in the store at a time” nonsense, I’ll shop elsewhere until they come to their senses.)

As for lockdowns… forget it.  The boys at Meal Team Six can stay home playing Medal Of Honor or working in the JiffyLube grease pit.

So Much For Delta

…and I don’t mean the airline, either.  Try this refreshing dose of commonsense:

America’s Frontline Doctors, that brave group of physicians who have resisted the enforced party line on COVID, has published a video from Britain that takes 3 minutes to show that the appearance and rapid spread of the delta variant in England has led to a decline in hospitalizations and deaths. It is well worth watching as it methodically graphs the data on Covid there, proving that the scaremongering is deceptive propaganda.

Also in the link:  yet more proof (as if any were needed) that Fauci is a mendacious bastard.


Chatting to my Oz son-in-law over the weekend, he informed us that New South Wales has gone into a two-week lockdown because (I think) one limo driver had the Indian (“Delta”) version of the WuFlu and now everybody’s getting it.

From what I can see, the OzGov’s policy is:  EVERYBODY PANIC!!!!

Over Here. of course, the WuFlu caused the Perpetually Fearful to praise Oz’s harsh lockdown state-by-state policies last year, which policies might have made sense if only they had been followed up by a massive inoculation / vaccination drive as happened both Over Here and Over There (UK).

For no apparent reason, the OzGov never did any such thing — even though with a population numbering in the single-digit millions (or less) in most states, it should have been an easy, slam-dunk job.  But inexplicably, that never happened, so now they’re faced with a largely-unvaccinated population, no herd immunity and all the consequences that flow from that incompetence.  Hence the frantic rush now.

I invite my Oz Readers to correct my opinion on this issue, of course, but I think I have it mostly correct.

All For Nothing

Via Insty, I see that the whole mask-erade of covering our lower faces in cloth/paper condoms was an exercise in futility:

New findings reported Tuesday in a University of Louisville study challenge what has been the prevailing belief that mask mandates are necessary to slow the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus. The study notes that “80% of US states mandated masks during the COVID-19 pandemic” and while “mandates induced greater mask compliance, [they] did not predict lower growth rates when community spread was low (minima) or high (maxima).” Among other things, the study—conducted using data from the CDC covering multiple seasons—reports that “mask mandates and use are not associated with lower SARS-CoV-2 spread among US states.”

So… just another load of feelgood bollocks, giving governments, nanny corporations and similar filth the chance to boss us around and, yes, punish us for not doing what they tell us.

Next:  the TSA.