Just reading about this made a part of my anatomy itch (and no, it wasn’t my trigger-finger):

A new, highly contagious sexually transmitted infection that has been spreading throughout Europe and elsewhere has now arrived on U.S. soil.

A case report published Wednesday in JAMA Dermatology revealed that a man in his 30s from New York City contracted a nasty skin infection after weeks of travel. During his time away from home, he engaged in sexual intercourse with multiple men during trips to England, Greece, and California.

When he got back, he developed a rash on his genitals, buttocks, and limbs.

Genetic testing on skin lesions identified the culprit as a fungal infection known as Trichophyton mentagrophytes type VII (TMVII), a sexually-transmitted form of ringworm. According to the CDC, TMVII VII is a difficult-to-treat fungus that causes skin disease in animals and humans and is acquired through sexual contact.

The emphasized words say it all, really.  I’m thinking “Greek goats” as the origin, but it could equally be Welsh sheep.  As for California, it could be anything Kardashian.

I report, you decide.


  1. I was wondering what STD would be unleashed by Faggot Pride Month this year, and now we know.

    1. I wonder if someone has calculated the actual cost to the medical/insurance system of having to try to put these pervs back together, after their self-inflicted medical emergencies.

      1. Don’t go there, or else the Anti-Fun League will start moaning about Scotch and Driving Too Fast,

      2. preussenotto

        Kinda sorta along those same lines – a friend of mine is a retired ER doc. He was always opposed to mandatory helmet laws for motorcyclists. A helmet meant he had to patch together whatever was left. Sans helmet, all you really need is a hose.

        1. The helmet is so there’s something left recognizable for body identification. Or so says I, a bike rider for damn near 6 decades.

  2. Don’t you love importing millions of people from dark Africa and the middle east?

  3. You just gotta know that nature (or God) made all these horrible things to happen as a sign that maybe, just maybe, we ain’t supposed to be shoving our penises up other people’s asses. IDK. Seems kinda obvious.

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