Best Interview Ever

Ron Spomer talks to Hitchcock45.  Hilarity and sound learning ensues.  His reason for quitting hunting alone is worth the price of admission.

That, and his admission that he’s trying to attract hot chicks through his channel…

Myself, I watch his shows because like me, he just loves shooting guns.  Almost any gun — but mostly, the older guns.

I don’t have either of them anymore… but I wish I did.  And both Ron and Hitch would agree with me.

Model Failure

Yesterday I received another one of those email ads trying to get me to spend more money.  I was about to junk it, when something caught my eye, to wit, this:

Great Aphrodite’s bleeding eyeballs, when did models turn away from being beautiful and into heffalumps like the above?

Yeah I know, “body positivity” and all that Womynz Issues stuff, but seriously?

Here’s something for the Fashion Industry to ponder.  Somewhere between this:

… and this:

…is a happy medium — basically, a women not emaciated or boyish, and not a fucking blimp either, but a woman who looks more like a happy medium, i.e. not like this:

…but more like this: 

The latter girl, by the way, is not a model, but just a random pic of an ordinary person taken from a newspaper — with an acceptably-pretty face, and a decent-but-not-perfect body.  That, I would suggest, is more of a happy medium than what we’re having shoved in our faces today.

Fuck their “body positivity” and all that jive.  If I’m going to be persuaded to buy something, I just want to see it presented in an agreeable form.

And this from a man who actually prefers zaftig  women over skinnies.  But I have my limits, and modern advertising has stepped well over them.  Here’s the latest such offering:

I love Miriam Margolyes beyond words… but as a model?  No.

If I want to see ugly women, I’ll go to WalMart.

Gratuitous Gun Pic: Marlin Mod 62 (.30 Carbine)

It’s not often I come across a rifle I’ve not only never seen, but never even heard of.  So step forward Collectors, to show me the error of my ways:

Now that lil’ thang is as cute as a button — and would make a wonderful companion piece to a Ruger Blackhawk, similarly chambered:

Want.  I want that Marlin carbine, and I want my Blackhawk back, except that its current owner won’t sell it back to me.  Aaargh.

News Roundup

…back when women didn’t need “HR” to fix their problems.  And in similar vein:

...lest federal agents become exposed to lead poisoning?  Asking for a friend.

And in more Biden Administration News:

...and why not?  He already appointed Pete Buttplug as TransportSec, and look how well that turned out.’s how it works, the way most people see it: if there was “negligence”, it came from not seeing Epstein’s killers going into his cell; and if it was “misconduct”, it was holding his cell door open for them.

In Foreign Bad News:

...and a nation rejoices:

Still in Britishland:

In Groomer News:

...perhaps another reason why Biden wants to ban lead bullets.  Just thinking aloud here, Boss.

...can you say “death spiral”, children?  I knew you could.  And:

...this is known as “lemming marketing”, FYI.

...I have an inclusive term for magazines like this one, but let’s not make Homeland Security any more nervous than they already are.

Ah yes, Africa Wins Again:

...and that was before he could get to South Africa.

Now some Global Cooling Climate Warming Change news:

...alternative title:  Sweden Comes To Its Senses.  Unlike the next lot:

...having solved all their crime, homeless and public health problems, NYC goes to the next urgent issue.

...yeah, but Over Here we have Amy Schumer, Kathy Griffin and Nancy Pelosi already, so we’re kinda used to the problem.

...Goop, the Early Years.

And in the much-loved INSIGNIFICA department:

Finally, some ShowBiz News:

…and for my Murkin Readers who are not familiar with this Brit ladypopstar:

…and here she was at the aforementioned Glastonbury:

Not a bad way to end the news, really.