Gratuitous Gun Pic: Marlin Mod 62 (.30 Carbine)

It’s not often I come across a rifle I’ve not only never seen, but never even heard of.  So step forward Collectors, to show me the error of my ways:

Now that lil’ thang is as cute as a button — and would make a wonderful companion piece to a Ruger Blackhawk, similarly chambered:

Want.  I want that Marlin carbine, and I want my Blackhawk back, except that its current owner won’t sell it back to me.  Aaargh.

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  1. I don’t know whether to be irritated, angry or thankful to our host for this post. Thankful it is, then.

    My credit card is whimpering in my wallet, even as I type this. Sigh. It’s only money and I’ll be back at work in a few days to make more. I see plenty of ramen in my near future, though. That’s okay; I actually like the stuff, once it’s doctored up to suit.

    Spent a fair while on GunBroker looking for one of these in either .30 Carbine or .256 Winchester Magnum a couple of years before the Covidiocy. Couldn’t find one that the seller didn’t seem to intend to finance their entire retirement from that one sale. Well, either that or some other buyer was entirely too intent on owning it for my budget. This one was down around the starting bid for a few that got my hopes up before the bidding sailed far beyond my means. Combining that with the craziness in lever action prices just lately, this appears to be a steal.

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