Proper Means

My response to this story should come as no surprise to anyone:

In a horrifying attack, Angeline Mahal, in her 50s, died after she was savaged by her [own] two XL bullies in east London yesterday. It was thought to be the first fatal attack by dogs exempted from the nationwide ban on the breed.

James Hare, a qualified dog trainer who teaches children how to behave around dogs, stresses that any dog has the ability to attack and we’re far more likely to get bitten by smaller breeds. But he adds that it is the size and strength of an XL Bully that gives them a stronger jaw lock and makes them more deadly.

…and then trots out all the usual useless bullshit about distracting it with food, etc. etc., when really all that’s necessary is

“Oh but Kim,”  I hear, “we live in Britishland where, by law, we’re not allowed to own eeeevil guns or dangerous items like pepper spray!  What can we do?” 

Vote for politicians who will overturn those stupid laws.  Otherwise, it looks as though you’ll just have to get used to being Alpo.