RFI: Ammo Choice

Looking at ULD rifles for next year’s Boomershoot draw, I’ve narrowed it down (subject to availability) to about six or so.  But here’s my problem,

All are available in both .308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor.

So, O My Readers:  which chambering would you be more likely to plump down cash for a ticket or two?

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Here’s the story.  You’re treating an apartment complex’s parking lot as your own personal racetrack.  Some residents tell you to quit, because there are kids playing in the area.

You take umbrage at this infringement on your liberties and drive off, fetch your trusty AR-15 and start popping off at a crowd of people hanging out in said parking lot.  Being a lousy shot as well as a terrible driver, you miss everybody.

Then some woman decides to return fire with her handgun, whereupon you lose all interest in the proceedings because she’s a better shot than you, and you’re bleeding to death in your car.

I think I got all the salient details, but go here just in case.

Quote Of The Day

From Elle Reynolds:

“Guns aren’t radically deadlier than they were 50 years ago, but our sick culture is.”

Preach it, sister:

While humanity has been fallen since Eden, the past 50 years have seen countless indicators of exponential cultural decline, not the least of which have been falling marriage rates and skyrocketing numbers of children who are denied the chance to live with both their mother and father. We’re also seeing a pandemic of mental illness, which the years of mental angst and isolation caused by Covid school closures will certainly only worsen.

Americans are losing interest in the purpose and community that faith and church offer, losing respect for the sanctity of human life, and losing sight of the notion that a higher moral good exists than immediate self-gratification. Instead, we live under a cultural ethic that idolizes the indulgence of selfish desires even up to the point of taking the life of another.


News Roundup

Brought to you by:

And we begin the Roundup on a parallel topic…

more likely it’ll end breakfast through mass vomiting at the table.

so:  no harm, no foul then.

ummm I hate to break it to you, kids, but Barbie never had a ‘gina anyway.

lose your own armed bodyguards first, fatso, and then we’ll talk. (no link because duh)

as long as we raise the voting age back to 21 as well, seeing as kids can’t be trusted to be responsible.  (no link because ditto)

From the Dept. of Irony:

so much for that DIY book.

From the Dept. Of Useless Police:

and even though he lives on the same street as she does, the cops will do nothing.

kinda like getting marriage counseling from a Catholic priest, innit?

From the Dept. Of Suckage:

and yet, Bette Midler is still alive.

“Who the fuck are you?” was clearly not the pillow talk she expected.

And in blessedly link-free INSIGNIFICA:


And finally:  because it’s a short work week, I thought I’d celebrate with a few random pieces of smut lying around the place.  Call it a spring clean.

Thank gawd it’s Tuesday.