Quote Of The Day

From Elle Reynolds:

“Guns aren’t radically deadlier than they were 50 years ago, but our sick culture is.”

Preach it, sister:

While humanity has been fallen since Eden, the past 50 years have seen countless indicators of exponential cultural decline, not the least of which have been falling marriage rates and skyrocketing numbers of children who are denied the chance to live with both their mother and father. We’re also seeing a pandemic of mental illness, which the years of mental angst and isolation caused by Covid school closures will certainly only worsen.

Americans are losing interest in the purpose and community that faith and church offer, losing respect for the sanctity of human life, and losing sight of the notion that a higher moral good exists than immediate self-gratification. Instead, we live under a cultural ethic that idolizes the indulgence of selfish desires even up to the point of taking the life of another.



  1. I blame LBJ’s 1964 “Great Society” welfare law which wouldn’t give money to a single mother if there was a man in the house. So the men just left.

    1. Or the women just kept breeding because a second parent was no longer financially necessary

    2. As I understand it, the men didn’t leave so much as they were kicked out, or were never invited in in the first place. Wham, Bam, Get Out Man!

      I’d also say the problem goes back further than LJB, he just leveraged the damage already done.

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