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And we begin the Roundup on a parallel topic…

more likely it’ll end breakfast through mass vomiting at the table.

so:  no harm, no foul then.

ummm I hate to break it to you, kids, but Barbie never had a ‘gina anyway.

lose your own armed bodyguards first, fatso, and then we’ll talk. (no link because duh)

as long as we raise the voting age back to 21 as well, seeing as kids can’t be trusted to be responsible.  (no link because ditto)

From the Dept. of Irony:

so much for that DIY book.

From the Dept. Of Useless Police:

and even though he lives on the same street as she does, the cops will do nothing.

kinda like getting marriage counseling from a Catholic priest, innit?

From the Dept. Of Suckage:

and yet, Bette Midler is still alive.

“Who the fuck are you?” was clearly not the pillow talk she expected.

And in blessedly link-free INSIGNIFICA:


And finally:  because it’s a short work week, I thought I’d celebrate with a few random pieces of smut lying around the place.  Call it a spring clean.

Thank gawd it’s Tuesday.


  1. If they try to raise the firearm purchasing age, then I say we raise the military enlistment age too, so 21 year olds have more time to contemplate throwing themselves into the politician’s military-industrial money laundering scheme. But I haven’t become jaded or anything.

    Either they can be trusted with Uncle Sam’s SAW’s and purchasing their own firearms at 18, or they can’t. F-ing politicians need to make up their damn minds.

  2. If fatass wants to see the 2nd Amendment repealed he simply needs to get two thirds of the House and Senate to agree on proposing the repeal, and get said repeal Amendment ratified by 3/4s of the State legislatures. Get too it there lard ass.

  3. I’d recommend voting at 25 for non-military, as most young folks are immature airheads until at least that age. Let the military vote at 21, because they are highly trained, entrusted with others’ lives, closely supervised, and because of that, more mature and aware of reality than their civilian counterparts.
    And DiFi can still go to hell and fuck herself with barbed wire when she gets there.

  4. That pasta in the first picture should have come in a bag. That way, when you tell someone to ‘eat a bag of dicks’ they really can.

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