Uniformed Thieves

It’s shit like this that makes the RCOB drop faster than a Kardashian’s panties:

According to one woman, the China Grove police improperly seized several firearms belonging to her and her husband almost four years ago, and despite the fact that no charges have ever been filed against the couple, they’ve been unable to get their property returned to them.

Read the whole thing to get the full flavor of the bureaucratic bastardy involved.  (Red Curtain Of Blood Alert.)

Here’s what I think.  Either those guns are part of the China Grove PD’s inventory, or they were just taken as personal property by one or more of the cops, or they were sold off at a gun show by the police and the proceeds pocketed.

At the very least, the couple involved should get full restitution for the guns, at today’s prices.  What I would like to see is the PD or its officers being charged with theft, with prison sentences very much in play.

When cops act like thieves and hide behind the badge, they should expect no mercy from the law that they allegedly swore to uphold.

Doing Nothing

I am curious to see My Readers’ response to this bit of bastardy, bureaucracy and pussification:

A homeowner was left disgusted after a stranger parked their Range Rover on his driveway for days.
Zekarias Haile, who lives a five-minute drive from Manchester Airport, said he waited four days for the owner of the grey car to return and pick it up. The 51-year-old man woke to find it abandoned on his driveway on Thursday and he suspects the cheeky owner had jetted off for a holiday from the nearby Jet2.com and Ryanair hub.
The father-of-two, who lives in Wythenshawe, Manchester, said: “Someone, without my permission, had put the car there and they didn’t care. I just went out and it was there. Then it was there Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. On Monday morning when we woke up it was gone. I was very angry but I resisted doing anything to the car – just. I definitely didn’t feel alright about it. We couldn’t access our garden and we couldn’t take out our bins.”
Zekarias, a lecturer in Engineering at a college, called the police but was told it was not a criminal offence and there was nothing they could do. They said Zekarias’ car, parked on the road, wasn’t being blocked in so their hands were tied.

Okay, firstly:  what kind of asshole parks his car in another guy’s driveway and just takes off?

Secondly:   what kind of pussified man does nothing about the situation for four whole days?

Thirdly:  what kind of police force won’t have the car towed?

Finally, what would you have done in a similar situation?

Fun With The Bureaucracy

Executive Summary:

British mother worries that her incel loser son may be dangerous, and reports him to the rozzers under the Prevent Terrorism thing.
Rozzers, of course, are doubtless too busy chasing down racists and other hurtful people on Twitter, so they sit on it.
Incel Boy gets his shotgun license and shotgun back because rozzers did nothing to stop him getting one.  (Added stupidity:  it had previously been revoked and his shotgun taken away after Incel Boy assaulted a couple in a park the year before.)
Incel Boy takes newly-reissued shotgun, then shoots and kills his mother and three other people, as well as a three-year-old girl.
In the only good news of the day, Incel Boy eats his shotgun muzzle before the rozzers can arrive.

Needless to say, there will be no consequences for this atrocity for the incompetent assholes in the bureaucracy — okay, maybe a note in their HR docket, but not the public stoning that one would expect and enjoy.

Anytime Democrats and other associated filth start blathering about “commonsense” gun laws, remember this tragic incident.


Combat Controller sends me these pics under the heading:  “I think someone’s police department has too much money”:

“…compared to the Sheriff’s department…”:

When you think of how often the city cop cars will be in the shop for repairs (five times per month, average) compared to the Sheriff’s cars (twice a year, average), it’s an even worse picture.

Just Be Careful, Kristi

In the face of L.A. cops being fired for refusing Rona jabs, SDGov Kristi Noem says:

“To LA County law enforcement officers facing potential firing: In South Dakota, you will not be fired for making personal health decisions. We respect law enforcement and everything you do to defend our freedoms. We would love to have you come join us.”

That’s all well and good, Governor, and let’s hope some of them take up your offer and come on up to the Mount Rushmore State.

But please make a few ground rules clear before you send them out to police your citizens, especially in terms of the Second Amendment.  While cops generally are quite conservative, I’m not so sure about California cops, because they’ve been enforcing some pretty shitty un-Constitutional anti-gun laws in the Golden Shower State and they’ll probably need a training course in SD gun laws to remind them of the “shall not be infringed” stuff.  They’ll also need to become free of the fear of seeing citizens carrying guns openly, never mind concealed.

Just a thought.

State Of Nature

From Glenn:

“The justice system isn’t really there to protect citizens from criminals. It’s there to protect criminals from citizens.  And within limits that’s a good thing, but when you create a state of nature, you get a state of nature.  And in the state of nature people absolutely do kill to protect their property from marauders.”

So the more lawless Democrats make places, it becomes more likely that ordinary people are going to take the law BACK into their own hands.

Always remember:  we deputize the enforcement of law to the agents of the State.  But should those agents, or their masters, refuse to enforce, maintain or protect the law, We The People have every right to take over that responsibility.

Life, liberty and property:  they’re ours, and we are going to keep them.  It’s a perfectly natural act, as Glenn says.

And if the the agents of the State — politicians, governors, district attorneys or the police — don’t much care for that eventuality, screw them.