Professional Agitators

Here’s the situation:

Paid ‘Professional Agitators’ Are Fomenting Violence on America’s Campuses

…leading to the question:  so who is doing the paying?  Silly rabbits:

George Soros-Connected Groups Paying for Antisemitic Campus Protests, Calling for Revolution

…which in turn leads to my question:  Why hasn’t this old fucking Nazi’s U.S. citizenship been revoked yet?


  1. “Why hasn’t this old fucking Nazi’s U.S. citizenship been revoked yet?”
    Because Obama. And his acolytes, all of whom hate the USA as founded. And pussy RINOs who are afraid to offend the Obamunists, lest the masked (why is this allowed?) scragglies appear at THEIR homes.
    That racist SOB Obama and academia are the seed trees for all this.

  2. Professional agitators was the perfectly obvious explanation to anybody who watched the Local news here in Boston and saw that there was a protest encampment in front of the student center ( dining hall ) at MIT. I don’t know who was in those tents, but I very much doubt they were actual MIT Students. For any number of reasons.

    1. It’s the middle of finals. They don’t have time for such nonsense.
    2. MIT doesn’t have courses or professors that cover those areas. ( OK- now they have one gender studies program that they will run if anyone actually signs up for it — But no one ever has ) Maybe it was some Iranians taking course 21 (Nuclear Science). Courses of Study at MIT are known by their number, not names.
    3. The tents were not neatly aligned exactly pointing to Mecca.
    4. If there were MIT students that wanted to stage a demonstration, it would be in the form of a “Hack” such as painting a giant Palestinian flag in the Traffic lanes of the Mass Ave Bridge or on the bottom of the new swimming pool. This is the culture that once disassembled a campus police car and reassembled it on the top of the Dome of the main building complete with flashing dome light and also remotely inflated a giant weather ballon with MIT written on it on the 50 yard line of Harvard Stadium during the Harvard / Yale football game.

    Everybody’s doing tents, MIT students have more imagination than to just follow everyone else.

    1. Even ABC News is reporting that 50% of those arrested at these ” Mostly Peaceful Protests” had no connection with the Universities in question. No mention of their immigration status.

  3. Why has be not been stripped of his citizenship? Simple answer is that he owns everyone in any current position of power in the U.S.G. and is fighting to the death (other peoples of course) against the one person who is NOT in his pocket from ever regaining the presidency.

    Highly suspect Garland and predecessors under Obama were all tainted, likely even going back to Clinton era, lots of strange happenings there if you will recall, none of which have been “investigated” in any depth, amazing that.

    1. Valine,
      It’s your fault if this schaden stinger doesn’t go away after four hours

  4. Better question: why hasn’t Mossad whacked his wrinkly Hamas-funding ass yet?

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