Quote Of The Day

From Kenny:

While I’ve never had nor wanted one, Lisa enjoys her gay coffee drinks from Starbucks, insisting on getting one every time we go to Gallatin where the nearest Starbucks is located.
Naturally it’s in a spot that’s a royal pain in the ass to get into or leave due to traffic, and to add insult to injury, they take forfuckingever to make it. I’m serious, there’s always a few cars in front of us, so we can figure on at least a 20 to 30 minute wait. It may be a shorter time if I was to park and go inside to get it, but I absolutely refuse to step inside due to liberal germs. It’s bad enough a liberal company was getting our money.

You had me at “gay coffee drinks” and “liberal germs”…


  1. I just don’t get the starbuck thing, seriously.
    I bought a standard coffee at the one at the airport 10 years ago and immediately found it undrinkable. It was literally boiling, and the flavor was flat out burnt to death bad. One or 2 sips and then right into the can. AND it cost about twice what I have paid at other places for coffee that was drinkable. But yet, there starbucks sits with cars lined up at the drive thru, going all the way around the building….sure are a lot of retarded people running around out there.

  2. I wanted to try the starbucks experience without supporting those bastards so, I poured a cup of office grade coffee that had been sitting on the burner all day, set a five dollar bill on fire and stirred the ashes into the aforementioned cup . . . Voila! The starbucks experience!

  3. 25 years ago I used to go to Starbucks almost every day. They made really good coffee and had different brews every day. They’d fill my travel mug for $1.

    Then they started doing milkshakes and gay drinks, the lines started getting longer, the regular coffee got worse and more expensive. Now I never go there except occasionally on road trips.

  4. Starbucks’ appeal has always eluded me. I had a layover several years ago, and bought one of their pastries to accompany my McDonalds coffee.

    Starbucks scone = chemically flavored chalk. I took the hit so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

  5. Roast, blend, and grind your own. Look up the prices of green beans at Burman or Sweet Maria, and see how quickly you can amortize the cost of a roaster. Note that you must have good hearing.
    FWIW we blend, by 2:1:1 volume, cityroast Colombia, 2nd-crack Kenya and Sumatra. Brew in a french press. Drink straight.

  6. Has any married man NOT had the experience Kenny is recounting?

    Starbucks appeal escapes me. Not the least because there’s always a face pierced, purple haired something at the window or counter.

  7. I gave up drinking coffee over 15 years ago; I don’t think I’ve ever been in a Starbucks.

  8. Starbucks isn’t serving coffee. They are serving dessert drinks with a hint of coffee flavors.

    I prefer home brewed coffee. One thing I will give starbucks credit for is forcing other coffee providers of increasing the quality of their product. I can find good coffee at many local gas stations and restaurants. Home brewed coffee in a good travel mug and a thermos are great.

  9. “Candy Coffee.” You have to be sure to say those words with the full disgust and contempt the product deserves.

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