Train Smash Time

Oh yeah, baby:  it’s that time of year when the Grand National is run at Aintree, and when we can look forward to some Train Smash Women and their antics.

Only, this year?  Not as much fun as usual… so far:

Too many regrettable decisions to count, in that last one.

A couple, it seemed, didn’t get the memo:

…but a lot of others did, and dressed accordingly:

That said, I think these pics were taken mostly in the early morning, before the booze had a chance to do its work.

On the other hand, maybe it’s just that nobody could afford to get wasted.  HFS, look at those prices:

Racegoers will be expected to pay £7.50 for draught beers (not including Guinness) and ciders, while a 330ml can could cost up to £7.

Meanwhile, a single serving of wine is set to cost £9.50 with a full bottle priced at £37.50.

A bottle of Prosecco will set punters back £46 while a bottle of Gobillard Brut Champagne totals a staggering £85.

Cocktails are priced at £13 each, with soft drinks costing £3.20 and a can of water £2.90 itself.

We’ll just have to wait and see.  More to follow.

Update 1:  Okay, despite the cost of booze, that’s a little more Train Smash-y…

And then came… Ladies Day.

Easter Weekend Recap

So when deciding to celebrate Easter, i.e. the miracle of the Resurrection, one asks oneself:  “What would Jesus do?”

Well, having changed water into wine at least once, why not go out on the town?

Okay, I’m thinking that’s more like “Mary Magdalene: The Early Years” but then again, I’m an atheist;  what do I know?

Yeah, Whatever

Here’s a big nothingburger for you:

The Jockey Club have taken the dramatic decision to cut the Randox Grand National field size by 15 per cent to safeguard the Aintree spectacular’s future.

Next April, the world’s most famous race will see a maximum of 34 runners go to post instead of 40. The Jockey Club, who run Aintree, believe it is imperative to make the move now and say they have taken the decision in the interest of the health and safety of all human and equine participants.

News flash: nobody cares.  The only reason most people (including me and my Readers) show any interest in Aintree at all is this:


Yep;  Train Smash Women, in all their magnificent failures.  The races?  Only for the owners and jockeys.