Yeah, Whatever

Here’s a big nothingburger for you:

The Jockey Club have taken the dramatic decision to cut the Randox Grand National field size by 15 per cent to safeguard the Aintree spectacular’s future.

Next April, the world’s most famous race will see a maximum of 34 runners go to post instead of 40. The Jockey Club, who run Aintree, believe it is imperative to make the move now and say they have taken the decision in the interest of the health and safety of all human and equine participants.

News flash: nobody cares.  The only reason most people (including me and my Readers) show any interest in Aintree at all is this:


Yep;  Train Smash Women, in all their magnificent failures.  The races?  Only for the owners and jockeys.

Train Smash Event

…annnnnd they’re off!

Yes, it’s time for the Train Smash Championship Stakes, at Aintree’s Grand National.  Sadly, though, the pics seem to have been taken before the pubs opened…


While some appeared to have not got the memo about only wearing weird and wonderful outfits…

Rather disappointing, in fact.  Maybe things will go pear-shaped later.

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Train Smash Anticipation

Ooooh, this is going to be good:

Racegoers are free to wear what they want at the Jockey Club’s 15 racecourses after it was announced formal dress codes are being dropped in a bid to make horseracing more ‘accessible and inclusive’.

Instead of restricting racegoers from watching the action in certain enclosures based on what they are wearing, the Jockey Club has told its customers to ‘dress as you feel most comfortable and confident’.

The only exceptions to the new policy at any of the 342 fixtures staged by The Jockey Club is offensive fancy dress or offensive clothing of any kind and replica sports shirts.

One can only imagine what’s going to happen at Liverpool’s Aintree when the dress regulations are lifted, considering what’s happened in the past with a dress code:

Hold on to your hats, folks… it’s going to be a wild ride.