Train Smash Women: Aintree 2022

Annnd They’re Off!

Ah yes, it’s time for the Grand National at Aintree, Liverpool. And as always, the Scouser Train Smash Brigade was much in evidence:


Amazingly, some looked halfway decent:



…by Aintree standards, that is:

And then came Ladies’ Day, oh yes it did:

Observe this one:

…and realize that she came as part of a matched pair:

Body adornment there was a-plenty:

And I think that someone thought that just dressing as a woman qualified:

  …kinda hard to tell these days. though.

And then towards evening, the booze started flowing:

  …an aria from Carmen, no doubt.


There are more, so many more… but you’ll have to follow the links above to see the complete awfulness, if you have the stomach for it.  The ones I’ve loaded are the best.

Aintree never fails us, does it?

Dubious Decision

In a photoshoot of two totties I’ve never heard of, who star in a TV show I’ll never watch, on a beach I’ll never visit, there is but one thought running through my mind:

Letting a 4-year-old draw on your body with a Sharpie can never have a good outcome.

Pic posted so you don’t have to click on the link.

Train Smash Catastrophe!

OMG this cannot be true!

Aintree set to BAN photographers from taking pictures of badly-dressed women at Grand National meeting

But… but… but where are we going to get pics of Train Smash Women, when their best source will be denied us?

Saith the sniffy killjoy boss of the event:

John Baker, managing director of the racecourse, hoped the ban would put an end to what he claimed was unfair coverage of customers getting drunk or flashing too much flesh at the event.
He said: ‘We want to overwhelm the negativity, to push the positivity to the front.

Here’s some frontal positivity for you:


‘Our event is full of character, it’s fun, and that’s generated by the personality of the Liverpool people.’

Ah, yes… that Scouser personality:



He warned that any photographer taking unflattering pictures would lose their accreditation.
‘We have to absolutely protect that because it’s at the core of what we are, and we have a responsibility to our customers to project the correct image.
‘We have talked about trying to monitor those photographers, so if we see any element clearly looking for a negative shot and we can identify that, we will take their accreditation off them and we’ll kick them off the site.
‘That’s not easily manageable, but that’s what we’ll endeavour to do.’


My feelings exactly.

Train Smash Down Under

It’s very tempting for me to disqualify all Australian women from Train Smashdom because, well, because Australian.

However, then we’d not be able to feast our eyes on displays such as this year’s Australia Day celebrations:

Of course, this being the modern era, people found something to complain about the event, and they looked pretty much as you’d expect them to look:

…but who cares?  Not these folks:

Which just goes to show that not all women Down Under are Train Smash Women.

Happy Australia Day, Over There!!!


An inquisitive Reader asks me:  “In your original post about Train Smash Women, you had all sorts of good things to say about Lisa Appleton.  But you haven’t posted anything about her recently.  Why not?”

Well, apparently she’s toned down her act somewhat:

…and taken up yoga:

But she has done the lip-filler thing, so the Bad Decisions keep on coming.

Quite disappointing, really.  Still, there’s always Britney to look forward to.