1. The only surprising thing about that wretched hive of scum and villainy is that there are no photos of the public fornication that was taking place, because rest assured there was public fornication happening.

    If the majority of the people at that event were to be shot in the face, the world would be a much better place. Not all, but the majority.

  2. I tried watching Master Chef Australian edition the other day and the judges looked as if they got three drunks from a local pub.


  3. About twenty years ago my employer was big on corporate hospitality, including some years a marquee in the car park at Flemington. The day starts at 6.00am. It’s either raining or boiling hot which it was the last year I did this. By the end of the afternoon it starts to resemble a Roman orgy. My job was keeping customers and directors out of trouble. Late in the afternoon the company secretary grabs me. He has a VIP client in tow. They make me go with them and pay several hundred dollars on my company diners to take a 10 minute helicopter ride to the casino. I had a few collects over the day so had a few hundred still in my pocket. To kill time I started on the roulette table. After an hour I had a bucket load of chips in front of me. I was on a roll. I stopped counting at about twenty grand. An hour later I didn’t have cab fare home……

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