Too Hot, Too Cold, Never Just Right

So much for the morons* entrusted with ensuring that Texas has uninterrupted electrical power:

With unseasonably hot weather driving record demand across Texas, ERCOT* continues to work closely with the power industry to make sure Texans have the power they need. This afternoon, six power generation facilities tripped offline resulting in the loss of approximately 2,900 MW of electricity. At this time, all generation resources available are operating. We’re asking Texans to conserve power when they can by setting their thermostats to 78-degrees or above and avoiding the usage of large appliances (such as dishwashers, washers and dryers) during peak hours between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. through the weekend.

If I were to set my thermostat to 78F, I’d have to have about three cold showers daily to stop dying of heatstroke.  JHC.

Did anyone actually predict that come the middle of May, Texas summer heat begins its annual upward climb to “Broil”?

Incompetent asswipes.

No Kidding

I didn’t need any damn study to tell me this:

A new peer-reviewed study found that the protection from Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine against the Omicron variant fades in just a week after receiving the second and third dose.

Both New Wife and I got the OmiGodicron thing about a month after we got our second vaccination.

The next time some asswipe gummint flunky tells me that I need another vaccination, I’m gonna tell him/her/it to fuck off.

I’ve had more pricks than Madonna, and I have sneaking suspicion that none of them were necessary, nor effective.

Coming Restrictions

Here’s yet another ghastly story about drunken passengers, the only surprise being that the flight didn’t originate in Manchester:

A British passenger has been arrested after starting a huge brawl on a Wizz Air flight to Crete, throwing punches at other travellers and even the pilot, holidaymakers said.

The mass fight started shortly after the flight landed on the Greek island and saw women and men injured in the melee on Tuesday night.

The passenger and his friend were badly behaved throughout the flight and his anger boiled over when he was told police would escort him from the plane.

Yup.  I can see the time when passengers will be required to take a breathalyzer test prior to boarding, and those over a certain limit pushed onto a later flight.

And then everyone will whine and moan about not being able to “steady their nerves before the flight” (what bullshit), when in truth, as always, the problem has been caused by fools.

Asking For It

Bound to happen:

Authorities will not file criminal charges against former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson after he was recorded on video punching a fellow first-class passenger aboard a plane at San Francisco International Airport last month.

You have to ask yourself about the industrial-strength Stupid in a guy who decides to pick a fight with Mike Tyson.  In close quarters.  With nowhere to run to.  Without at least one gun handy.

Has to be a Biden voter.

Staying Away

I don’t often visit Target stores because they so seldom have anything I want, and if they do, it’s at a premium price.  Guess I won’t be going there anytime soon anyway, what with this bullshit going on:

Target will be selling breast binders and packing underwear as part of its latest clothing collection just ahead of “Pride month” in June.

The retailer is known for celebrating June in a splashy, rainbow-colored way. It has been criticized for offering a pride collection for kids, specifically babies, for years. Now the company is catering to the trans community by promoting specialty garments specifically made for them.

According to Bustle, Target partnered with TomboyX and Humankind for the collection, which are both “queer owned, female-founded brands.” Merchandise will include the expected rainbow-colored messaging that’s become commonplace for these collections. It will also have some new items that a mainstream retailer like Target hasn’t sold before.

In the adult collection, a poem that includes the line, “For the queer lovers and everyone in between, for the rebels that fight to forever be seen,” is featured on tote bags, shirts, and beach towels.

There are also pride flag cat toys, including a giraffe designed in lesbian flag colors and stuffed teacup with rainbow tea, and three tea bags with the lesbian, transgender, and bisexual pride flags.

Call me whatever-phobic, but I just can’t see that any of that merchandise will be suited to me.

Idiots, or evil?  I report, you decide.


Oh good grief:

Will Smith has sought help in the wake of his infamous slap of Chris Rock at the Academy Awards.  Smith, 53, ‘has been going to therapy after the Oscars incident’.

Don’t need therapy, bro — just a testosterone injection will do the trick.

Bitch-slapping a guy for insulting your wife:  good.

Getting therapy to deal with fallout from said incident:  total pussy.

Be a man:  express no remorse and tell ’em all to fuck off.