Back In Town

Okay, WordPress has finally allowed me access to my own website again, and about bloody time.  (Thanks to Tech Support II — I imagine — for putting things right.)

As it’s the weekend, there’s only one post today — a two-parter — but it’s about a subject near and dear to my heart.



Longtime Reader Newt F sends me the following question:

Yesterday I was online and followed a link to “Top Gun Blogs,” and I was surprised that you weren’t even in the Top 50.  Given that a lot of your readers (including me) would think that you should be, why is that?

Thankee for the compliment, but I don’t think that I can call myself a “gun blogger” anymore, and probably lost the appellation when I switched over from the Nation of Riflemen to The Other Side Of Kim;  and certainly, this latest manifestation of mine, Splendid Isolation, is even further away.

Although if you click on “The Gun Thing” category on the right hand side of this page, you will find over 90 pages of gun-related posts (about five posts per page, good grief), it’s worth noting that jokes and such (“Funny Stuff”), cars (“Drive Time”) and booze/food (“Food & Drink”) have 80, 30 and 23 pages respectively.  Clearly, there’s a lot more than just guns over here, nowadays.

More to the point:  volume doesn’t count as much as quality, and I’m not sure that my recent fevered scribblings about guns are even close to the quality of some of my earlier gunny posts.

None of this matters, of course.  I have no interest in popularity, nor recognition of my writings.  I write for myself, on topics which interest me, and any following I may accrue in so doing is simply a happy concidence.

And you’re all welcome on this back porch of mine.  Just mind yer manners, handle yer guns with respect, don’t spit baccy juice on the floor, and all will be well.

Cheers, y’all…

Fair Warning

The new (okay reconditioned ) HP laptop arrived yesterday, and so far it seems to be blessedly free of extraneous crap — other than all the stupid Microsoft nonsense (which I’ve dropped like a hot rock, of course).

Still struggling a bit with the Thunderbird email POP3  / STML stuff because I think I can read / understand Latin more easily than all that kaka.

Bear with me while I get it all figured out — I can always go back to the old laptop to get things done if I get stuck.

But the Bookmarks are done, the pic folders are there, and next comes all the personal stuff like spreadsheets etc.  Which reminds me, I need to install Open Office.  Excuse me…

Fair Warning

At over six years old (240 years in computer age, apparently), my laptop is showing signs of age — it’s slower than I am, more reluctant to work than the average Minneapolis looter, and falls over more often than the late Ted Kennedy at an open bar function.

Ditto, incidentally, my Logitech mouse, which is of the same vintage, and has developed the annoying habit of occasionally double-clicking when only one click is requested.

Tech Support II just clucked his tongue sorrowfully at my tale of woe, and metaphorically speaking adopted the tones of a doctor talking about a terminally-ill patient.  Clearly, there is Nothing To Be Done.

So at some point today, I’m going over to Ye Olde Compooter Shoppe, and will buy replacements for both the above appliances, something I’ve been putting off for over a year because poverty. Now, like the man forced to choose between death by drowning or by a long fall to the concrete, I have no real choice left.

There may be only one post tomorrow while I grapple with the tiresome details of transferring all my stuff from the old hard drive to the new one, while deleting the megatons of unnecessary garbage which seems to infest all new PCs these days.

Bear with me in this trying time.  I hate this shit.

All contributions to help defray said expense will be gratefully received (see the PayPal link over on the right hand side of the page, or paper to the Sooper-Seekrit mailing address).

Update:  it appears as though my laptop’s memory chip has fallen over, and this particular Dell model doesn’t seem to allow for easy replacement thereof — assuming that’s indeed the problem.  Anyway, I ordered a new laptop — and many MANY thanks for all your contributions to the cause.  It should only get here in a week’s time, so posting will be light until then.

Please bear with me in these trying times.


…for not posting anything last Saturday.  There was a post scheduled, only I scheduled it for April 16th instead of May 16.  Then, when I tried to fix it by changing the post date, I set it for for May 23rd instead of May 16th (because since the Chinkvirus lockdown, I’ve lost all sense of time and one date is pretty much the same as another).  As I sink further into senile decrepitude, I seem to be wandering through life in a daze anyway.  It’s quite embarrassing.

The errant post will appear next Saturday, as incorrectly rescheduled.

And for those several Readers who contacted me in a panic, wondering if I was okay:  many thanks for your solicitude.

Now back to our regular program of invective, lust, violence and man-gun love.