Longtime Reader Newt F sends me the following question:

Yesterday I was online and followed a link to “Top Gun Blogs,” and I was surprised that you weren’t even in the Top 50.  Given that a lot of your readers (including me) would think that you should be, why is that?

Thankee for the compliment, but I don’t think that I can call myself a “gun blogger” anymore, and probably lost the appellation when I switched over from the Nation of Riflemen to The Other Side Of Kim;  and certainly, this latest manifestation of mine, Splendid Isolation, is even further away.

Although if you click on “The Gun Thing” category on the right hand side of this page, you will find over 90 pages of gun-related posts (about five posts per page, good grief), it’s worth noting that jokes and such (“Funny Stuff”), cars (“Drive Time”) and booze/food (“Food & Drink”) have 80, 30 and 23 pages respectively.  Clearly, there’s a lot more than just guns over here, nowadays.

More to the point:  volume doesn’t count as much as quality, and I’m not sure that my recent fevered scribblings about guns are even close to the quality of some of my earlier gunny posts.

None of this matters, of course.  I have no interest in popularity, nor recognition of my writings.  I write for myself, on topics which interest me, and any following I may accrue in so doing is simply a happy concidence.

And you’re all welcome on this back porch of mine.  Just mind yer manners, handle yer guns with respect, don’t spit baccy juice on the floor, and all will be well.

Cheers, y’all…


  1. You cover guns, alcohol, classic cars, classic women, and current news. This is pretty much the only blog I need to read.

    (the only thing missing is cigars)

    1. The only thing missing is the liberals in the comment section. Glad those fuckers haven’t shown up on this site yet.

      Seems like every other website with comments has some libtard cocksuckers who post comments trying to mind rape you with their insane bullshit.

      Oh thank Heavens for Mr. Kim’s site – it’s a liberal free zone.

    2. Ravenwood,
      You’re right. go for the hat trick of Alchohol, Tobacco and Firearms, who brought the chips.


  2. Mr Kim’s is the best blog. Period. I visit the site daily.

    Who the fuck trusts those top 1,000 lists anyways? Most (not all) lists are topped by ass kissers and wealthy people who know the right people to get on an exclusive list.

    For those who want to read the finer blog of life – it’s this one – Kim du Toit.

  3. I like the variety of topics on your list Kim. I’m not a car guy but you give me a glimpse into a complex area that I wouldn’t otherwise get. You broaden my horizon in a good way.

    I read some firearm webpages such as and whatever else I can find from time to time. I think the rankings lists aren’t worth anything other than finding other sites to visit. The rankings are near useless. Some folks might like the latest tacticool whatnot so it gets highly rated while I might be looking for classic firearms and such that might rank lower in popularity.


  4. I don’t mind, either. A glance at the list to the right shows you have the same diversity of interests as I do. Given that you write better than I do, I hope you can continue to write the diversity of thoughts you do, and I hope I can contribute something witty to the conversation.

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