Gratuitous Gun Pic – Remington 7400 (.270 Win)

Also just in at Collectors is the rifle for those who are leery of owning an “assault rifle”, or whose state government provides the leeriness:  the semi-auto hunting rifle of all time, in the all-time hunting cartridge.

I once had one of these exact guns, traded it for something else, and regretted the trade almost immediately afterwards.  (The fact that I remember this gun and not the gun I traded it for speaks volumes.)

I know, it only has a 5-round magazine, but 10-round mags cost only $30 or so.  And the gun itself is a decent buy at just under $800 — remember, Collectors has premium pricing so if you find one elsewhere cheaper, be my guest;  but Collectors doesn’t sell crap or broken guns.

News Roundup

Might as well end the year with a whimper…

not as strange as some of the other stuff he’s supposed to be in charge of, sweetie.

killing your sister because you don’t agree with her way of life is a cultural thing, you see, so they won’t be charged.

another cultural custom, of course.

From the Heart Of Stone Department:

if this was California or New York, those three deaths would be entered as “Death Caused By Covid”.

I don’t think Mr. Wretched has had breakfast at Cracker Barrel for quite a while.

I’d be really curious to see how what percentage of those women are married.

I see that the rodent was “humanely trapped” and handed over to the SPCA.  Lucky squirrel;  in any American town not in California, he’d have been shot dead in less than ten minutes after the first bite — along with a few dozen others, just to be sure.

the offender being Irish, I’m amazed that this even made the news.

And now it’s time for the last INSIGNIFICA of 2021:

Fauci who?


I know, I know… you want to see proof.

I dunno about “perfect”, but they sure as hell ain’t too bad.

And now the Bad News Department will be signing off till next year…