News Roundup

Might as well end the year with a whimper…

not as strange as some of the other stuff he’s supposed to be in charge of, sweetie.

killing your sister because you don’t agree with her way of life is a cultural thing, you see, so they won’t be charged.

another cultural custom, of course.

From the Heart Of Stone Department:

if this was California or New York, those three deaths would be entered as “Death Caused By Covid”.

I don’t think Mr. Wretched has had breakfast at Cracker Barrel for quite a while.

I’d be really curious to see how what percentage of those women are married.

I see that the rodent was “humanely trapped” and handed over to the SPCA.  Lucky squirrel;  in any American town not in California, he’d have been shot dead in less than ten minutes after the first bite — along with a few dozen others, just to be sure.

the offender being Irish, I’m amazed that this even made the news.

And now it’s time for the last INSIGNIFICA of 2021:

Fauci who?


I know, I know… you want to see proof.

I dunno about “perfect”, but they sure as hell ain’t too bad.

And now the Bad News Department will be signing off till next year…


  1. Alas, poor Greta will soon be flushed into the memory hole to join Cindy Sheehan and the Khan family. Her usefulness was only needed to stoke a small portion of the voting populace, which is all that is needed to decide an election. Realizing you’ve been used as a pawn to keep a party in power and not affect true change is grounds for divorce in the liberal political world. She’s lucky she came along when she did. If we were full blown socialist they’d find a harsher punishment that would serve to benefit society.

  2. Poor Greta need not worry: Biden will be out by the end of 2022. He’ll resign sometime in February or March, I should think.

  3. We hit a cracker barrel on the way back from the motherland (where the inlaws are).

    Deeply regretted it.

    That particular one was never better than “ok”. Now, whew!…I’ve had better industrial cafeteria food.

    When I was in NYC last (pre-covid) I dropped $50-60 on a burger, fries and a few beers at a bar. I think my typical dinner tab, for me alone, was over $50. None of it extravagant.

  4. ‘Spose Molly (who?) unbolts those inverted cereal bowls to take a bath?
    And when will her body grow into her head size?

  5. It would be easier to understand that naked Moroccan if beer and whiskey were part of his cultural heritage. (It’s curious how well Mormon and Muslim attitudes about stimulants, sex, and # of wives can align…)

  6. Assuming that the pictures of Ms. Smith are “after”, let’s congratulate her on not going overboard and winding up looking like she has a permanent backache. OTOH, if they were the “before”, no enhancement was needed.

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