Shootin’ Time

And then there’s this, over in Britishland:

An award-winning fish and chip shop has been ordered to remove a Union flag mural by council officials ‘because it’s inappropriate for the area’.   

Chris Kanizi, 65, who owns Golden Chippy, in Greenwich, south-east London, has been told to paint over the mural of the humanoid fish which is adored by tourists.

Greenwich council said they received a ‘number of complaints’ about the mural, which features the phrase ‘A Great British Meal’, they said was an ‘unauthorised advert’.

And here’s the oh-so offensive item in question:

Imagine a burger place in Murka being told to take down a sign which reads  “The All-American Meal” because some immigrants might feel excluded.

Of course, the UK has no First Amendment, so government can do pretty much whatever the fuck it wants to do in cases like this.

Shootin’ Time

Try this little bit of fuckery on for size:

“I came out at the end of a funeral service. I saw the traffic warden there, and he got his little pad out to start ticketing us, and I said ‘you’ve got to be joking’. I said ‘we’re only going to be 10-15 minutes more, can you just go for a walk round the block?’ He said ‘no’. I said, ‘have a bit of compassion, this is a funeral.’ And he started remonstrating with me.”

And then when someone, overcome with grief, snaps and starts killing these pathetic little officials, it’s the gun’s fault.