1. Do the crime, pay the fine.
    Australia is known and rightfully so harsh on importing agricultural products without a license.
    They know all too well the consequences of invasive species, something that the US is only now learning on the southern border.

    1. I’m no farmer, but I think there’s a teeny difference between a live chicken and a sandwich ingredient.
      What I am is someone who is keenly aware of the existence of mindless government thuggery, and this is a prime example of just that.
      And Australia — the entire country — is filled with invasive species of several forms; in this case, power-crazed bureaucrats and the power to enforce oppressive laws.
      Every time I read something like this, it reinforces my determination never to visit the poxy place.

      1. Kim, I agree.
        Some might think that importing rabbits to Australia was a bad idea since it ruined the environment. The real blight is the importation of two legged parasites that became bureaucrats in Australia.

        Given the choices, the bush might be safer than the urban areas in australia. At least you can kill the animals back that try to make your life miserable with bites and stings. Striking back at bureaucrats is frowned upon in the urban areas.

  2. Never lose sight of the fact that Oz was settled by convicts – that is, convicted criminals – and that those criminals were accompanied by substantial numbers of jailors.
    Both clans have bred true.

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